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Sailor Boys

I went down to the Club for a short while today as it is the first day of the Hobie National Championships (Catamarans) that PMYC is hosting and Andrew & Nick are sailing together.
It was a mild day and the breeze picked up more as the afternoon started. They were racing with the Hobie 16s in the afternoon so were just getting rigged and dressed when I arrived. 
 It is usually hard to get Nick to stand still for  a photo, but maybe he thought he was in disguise? I went upstairs to see them head out, then next thing they were coming back to shore. I went down to investigate and found Andrew was fitting the bungs in, and Nick was signing on!!! Then they were off! Andrew being 50 is sailing in the Masters group, Nick raised the question that if he (Nick)  helmed was Andrew sailing in the Juniors??

Christmas Day

The day broke cloudy but with promise of sun and 21degrees. I started the day with my (our) traditional breakfast of French toast. This time with yoghurt and fresh fruit, and fresh coffee. Sent a text to Celia who them rang me realising I was awake. We had a chat as she wa s starting to prepare her Xmas Eve dinner. I was admiring the gift I received form Bridie, a boon once I am back at work! I am off to Andrew's for tea and staying the night as the drive there and back is beyond me at the moment. I am dropping Spencer off in Richmond on the way, as Wendy will look after him. They (she and Sue) are off to the Boxing day Test tomorrow so I can collect him later in the day.
I rested in the morning and had a delicious tuna avocado salad for lunch with fresh peaches ! Yum No wine though!

Andrew et-al had arrived back from Xmas lunch and were all napping when I arrived Lynne had worked Xmas eve so need some catch up sleep for sure.
We chatted for a while then exchanged presents when L…

Family Lunch

As usual Andrew and Lynne provided a superb meal opting for seafood much to our delight. Andrew did dessert again this time a meringue Cherry creation The fresh cherries are superb at the moment.

Fun in the pool

Today I went down to Andrew and Lynne's for Xmas lunch with Bridie and Sean and Dylan as we would not see them on Christmas day. To conserve my energy I drove to Bridie's and went down with them.  20 minute drive vs 50mins. Took lots of photos that seem to feature Dylan predominantly. It was 38 degrees and the water was inviting so we had a lovely dip after lunch  Initially he wanted to go outside, but did not want to go in the pool.

Then he enjoyed being in with Sean and the rest of us, but what he really liked was walking and crawling along the edge.

Good Friends

Following getting my haircut (result in picture below) I hurried home as Wendy and Sue were bringing dinner over for us all.  Wendy made 'one of her famous salads'' as Sue said; this time turkey, asparagus, haloumi and cherries with small boiled potato and (low fat) sour cream. Delicious!! Sue brought the wine and dessert fresh fruit and rich yoghurt. I had water but they enjoyed a New Zealand drop. We exchanged Christmas presents, allocated ordered opera tickets and Bell shakespeare tickets and generally had a lovely evening Topped off with by getting a call and having a long chat with Celia,

Crafty Hands

Resting up before I head off to the hairdresser at 4pm, I realised I needed to get some gift tags, and was thinking about what was near the salon.
Thought of a paper shop over the road, and how they would have tags as well as cards , then realised I have a Label cutter from Creative Memories.
So I whipped up some Xmas tags.

Japan Planning

While idling on my bed, trying to get energy to do something I had a flash about Japan and plans to take nephew Nick there next year; a reward from his dad for good Japanese study.
The Flash was about Golden Week in Japan, a period sort of like Easter running in to Anzac day so holidays in between mean people can get away. Golden week is a don't even think of it time to travel or find accommodation. We are leaving Oz on Good Friday March 29th 2013 and Golden Week is in April and some hotels I looked at (a favourite in Tokyo eg) are booked out.
So I did a check and it is later in April (as I sort of hopefully thought) but the busy period and festivals starts on 12th, but we are leaving on the 9th April.   So am planning our trip, given that Nick has not been there at all and we are there for 10 days so the plan is  Tokyo, day trip to Nikko, Nagoya, Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima then back to Tokyo.
Looking up some travel stuff and saw this great picture,  not as crowded as some I have been…

Christmas Tree

I have not done a tree when by myself for Xmas, but have some lights and piles of gifts and my Santa string from Lisbon that I hang each year.

Sento. Japanese Bath House

Re-reading my blog in Japan to check out the name of a place, made me think about having a Japanese Bath and Shiatsu massage. Didn't have to tire myself by showering etc before I left so I booked it for 3pm. I was pleased to see, when I arrived that I was the only woman there! Some other girls arrived as I was getting dressed for the massage so did not have to flaunt my middle aged body beside their nubile forms! The bath was great! I didn't let myself get too hot, so had 3 dips and was suitably relaxed for the massage  She said she would work on my Meridians (always a good thing!) and not do too deep a pressure as that may be too tiring since I was already fairly wiped out, I felt quite enervated when she finished and relaxed. When I finished she commented that I had unusual palms, I though she meant life lines etc but realised she was referring to my Dupuytren's Contracture that I notice has increased a lot this year, though on a grand scale still slow and not contracte…

PMYC Christmas Party

Santa and his throng of fans were the highlight of the end of season get together. In typical fashion we had  few replies but my guesstimate of 60 (33 booked) proved good with 58 people staying on.
The list of 6 children coming swelled to 18 so Santa had enough to do.
Didn't think of it till after to ask Bridie if she wanted to bring Dylan, but I am sure he will get enough!

The evening was  a great success as usual, and a member Fahim does a great job of decorating the place for us . I had rested up in the morning and only went down about 330. But even a bit of fussing around and going up and down the stairs had me short of breath and at one stage people saying I was very pale. (though looked better after sitting down for the meal)
News of my illness has spread so people are coming out of the woodwork to offer to help with the Hobie Nationals to be held Dec 28- Jan 3rd. So that is a relief!
Cliff,  Steve and Shane (who bought my Three's Company) sailed our boat Good Golly Mi…