Monday, January 20, 2014

A Catch up

Before Celia left after her whirlwind visit we managed to fit in a visit to the ever hospitable Andrew and Lynne. We went home from the airport to greet Mary who had been looking after Spencer, then headed off to Patterson Lakes.
Bridie and Dylan were there and Celia was able to give them her Christmas Presents Dylan's were all on a Pirate theme, and he went and planted his pirate flag in the stone garden and buried the treasure box! Then he was in the pool for the rest of the time!
Showing me the Treasure, with one eye shut!
Hydrating some pirate boxers with Kate his best friend who takes him int he pool!
After they went home we had some home baked Pizza and then a spa!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Wedding and King Island

What a great few days Celia and I had as we went to previously unvisited King Island, for the wedding of her god daughter Annemarie Hartz to Michael Francis.
The added bonus was we missed all Melbourne's days of 40+
We made our bookings back in July when the Invitation came and Celia was home to plan. We flew with Rex airline from Tulla but people came many ways by air. Over 90 people flew in from the mainland and when the friendly King Island residents asked 'are you on holiday' they all said 'Oh the teachers' Wedding!" Annemarie and Michael work on King Island at the campus in Grassy.
Chairs set up on the beach and an Aisle marked in stones and flowers on poles
Annemarie and Michael did all the planning and preparation as there are no caterers on the island except a woman who does salads. Michael caught all the crays we had (rationed amount caught each day!) and they roasted pork and lamb in fire pits
They had a lot of help but planned everything to the last detail.
The wedding was on the beach at the back of a rental house one of two fabulous adjacent properties ( that housed the families, with some campers in between. The owner had agreed to the use, as long as the 130 guests did not roam into the house! So it was all set up outside on the spacious grass area and was a fabulous, casual, happy, fun event.
Some of the wedding guests
A catch up for Celia with some long time friends from Teaching and studying days. Great Fun!
The Groom  Michael with his 2 brothers Tim and Matt
Annemarie's Family Pauline, Grant (Tara's fiance) Tara, the wedding couple, Fran,
Meagan (girlfriend of) Liam & Michelle, and Blue the dog.
Tara (Annemarie's twin) was one bridesmaid 
Cutting the cake
Signing the register
My god daughters Pauline, Michelle and their brother Liam's girlfriend Meagan 
Resting on covered hay bales or at the tables set up.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Flying Ants

The week I got back form Santa Fe we sponsored the Flying Ant Regatta at Port Melbourne Yacht Club. These are a small dinghy sailed by young people usually 8-15yr olds. They have 2 crew with a spinnaker and a Trapeze.
Celia pointed out the blot on the lens But not before next 6 pics!
The weather was definitely not friendly the first 3 days but after that they managed to get a regatta of 9 races completed. While the weather started windy ++ it ended up HOT so a typical Melbourne week.
Then had to wait for the wind to come in!
The tables set for the Spit Roast Presentation Dinner
There were Prizes and awards for almost everyone!
One of the table mats that proved a great Hit

It was a week of hard work for the canteen staff Hayley and Thea
The organizing  drive was from the Hunt family whose kids had been some of the early Port Tackers at PMYC  All 3 children, now living in Perth are sailing.
Christine Hunt

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A fruit Crop

I was  sure that when I got home all my lush nectarine crop would have fallen .
But only a dozen or so fruit were on the ground
The birds had had a nibble at some on the tree, but the heavy leaves (usually ridden with curly leaf) seem to have protected a lot.
Just some of the crop
 I have had stewed nectarines on my cereal, fresh nectarines and nectarine crumble!!
the nibbled ones I cut up and stewed

Christmas in Santa Fe

the plan to meet up with Celia in Santa Fe proved an excellent one!
While there I didn't have a means to load photos to my iPad so didn't blog the progress and this far off it seems less urgent. But see for progress reports!
I  will list the highlights.

1. Celia's company on a relaxed holiday (not racing from one place to the next)

Overlooking the Rio Grande

Celia in the model at the Museum of New mexico
2. The hotel.
Inn of the Governors I stayed overnight here in 1974 for a huge sum of $20 per night) and it is not how I remember (I remember nothing really) but it was charming friendly, comfortable, and a short walk form the central Plaza.
The Front Door
Our Room
Our Christmas arrangement

3. The weather.

Expecting to be cold I packed many layers .I was trying to pack in Melbourne when it was 40 degrees, so hard to imagine being really cold. But while needing gloves scarf coat and hat it was 5-6 degrees every day and bright blues skies and sunshine, and no wind and.........SNOW!!!

4.The Food.
While I am a terrible chilli eater (mild is even hot to me) i was surprised how delicious was the food . Santa Fe is a food capital of USA and Celia gave me 2 presents ( and more)  A walking tour of Santa Fe restaurants and a Tapas demonstration class. Both fantastic!!
The Santa Fe School of Cooking
 We visited 6 restaurants going into the kitchens and having a small dish and a glass of wine at each. We went back to some of them again over the week, and had a great dining experience all week.
In the Kitchen of La Fonda
The Taps dishes
5. The Farolito walk 
This was along Canyon Road and was a magical experience  and the bags with a tea light lined the road. In some areas they are called Luminarias

6. Xmas dinner at Geronimo

7. New Years Eve Light up a Life
 we joined the Light Up a life event at the Plaza on New Year's Eve This is sponsored by the local Hospice for the last 7 years People buy a Farolito and with a name on it ring the Plaza with the names of family or friends they have lost.we bought a light for Tony and Maddy and placed it on the path. The following short service and songs was very moving a a fitting end to the year.

8. Museums esp the Native Craft and folk art
We did a long walk up and back to Museum Hill and enjoyed the 4 museums there 

9. Taos Pueblo

10. Indian silversmiths and potters

We browsed and shopped here daily

SCARF Festival National Wool Museum

On my way to Aireys last week I stopped off in Geelong to see their annual Scarf competition. The imagination and variety as inspiring!! M...