Thursday, January 21, 2010

Step one

My run of luck with reliable workmen ended today with the fireplace installers arriving 2 hours late! They came at 1030 and I was expected at work at 9am. I rang several times but only got a return call (went to message bank) at about 10mins before they arrived. And they haven't finished.
Though as you can see the first one is in. I haven't turned it on to show the logs, as not sure it is connected and it's 28degrees! Admire the stripped bricks as well
The dining room one is not done so they have to come back. Not sure when.

But.. they have done the hearth and and removed the wall furnace. The hearth is a great improvement on the broken concrete that was the previous style!
I will get the plasterer back to finish off that and the cornice.
My final step will be to get a hard rubbish collection from the council and take the stuff in the bungalow as well.Carefully leaving Celia's treasures!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Carpet

The house is gradually looking livable again I had to move everything out to allow the plasterer access and keep things dust free. I moved the big items back on Xmas Eve but have not really been here to do any more till this week. So I gradually shifted the smaller things, tables, lamps, paintings, ornaments etc as well as rugs.
I needed one for the hall though, as I am worried the dog pounding up there showing his enthusiasm for my return home would scratch the floor, so I bought a sisal weave rug today in muted colours to protect it a bit.
I need to get something to stop it moving as I don't want it to be the cause of my going over head over heels when I race in the door one evening!
You can see the gap under the door with the removal of the carpet. Not a problem in summer but need to get it fixed .
Not actually sure how!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Summer bounty

I have been cursed with a pixie nectarine tree with Curly leaf: it was diseased when it first came into leaf, but over the last few years it seems to be recovering.
It was at it's best in the real drought; But this year the fruit is bigger and been kept free from birds and Spencer; he tends to go underneath and grab at any fruit, ripe or not that is handy. He does the same with the apple trees as well so need to protect them soon.
The last of the fruit I picked yesterday and took a bowl full to Ursula next door. So the shroud can come off again!
And no, the peach tree did nothing this year!

New Year's Eve

Events on new Years Eve can be a frightening thing. The photo shows how bad things may get! However my alarm was just that I realized as I moved back from setting my camera that the wait was only 2 seconds and I was not in place yet.
The second photo is a bit better but we had not stopped laughing before it went off. Gerry and I spent a few days together with her new puppy and Spencer and Sponty.
We had watched a TV show called Best in Australia a cooking show and the episode was for lamb. We had some Lamb back straps in the fridge and lo and behold, except for the cardamon pod we had all the garnishes for the lamb seasoning So had a delicious meal of Moroccan lamb with herbed pistachio crust. Not bad a for a holiday house pantry!
Gerry also suggested I find the multiple shot mode of my camera for dogs and children.
I had it still set when took pic of the parrot (Rosella) A waste, as he just sat there!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hartz at Christmas

Liam Pauline & Fran

I didn't make our traditional Boxing day lunch but did make it the next day! Fran had been down at Aireys since Tuesday and had Christmas there. The kids went surfing ,and surfing from what I gathered!
Michelle wasn't there as she had a job to get back to, and Liam was late having got caught in traffic from Lara but eventually we got together. Michael was there with Annemarie and they were heading back to take the last of the stuff from the Bungalow.
Pauline has recently won a regional show jumping event and will now compete in the State wide competition in Sale in February.
Liam also won his division and is booked up a year in advance to give riding assessment and lessons. He has a knack of seeing just what a rider is doing and needs to correct, he also takes and trains horses and is in demand for this as well. As well he is a carpenter's apprentice and as such is going to build a low deck on the back at Aireys.
I had a lovely gift of the new Stephanie Alexander cookbook from Annemarie & Michael, for having them at Footscray all year.They are off to adventure camps with schools till June then to Asia on holidays.
Annemarie & Michael

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fun at the beach

Daily walks especially on the beach keeps the boy happy.
Unfortunately he has taken to rolling in the recently cut grass when he gets back!
Doesn't he look like a puppy?
The weather has been good and the walks on the beach in the early morning enjoyable and wet! The waves were high and Spencer had a great swim in the shallows, and Sponty got his toes damp; nothing like the two dogs who swam up and over the waves to get to their owner.
Gerry and I also had some lovely meals supported by the antics of her puppy Abbey.
We didn't see the New Year in but I did hear the countdown from the local revelers.

Christmas Lights

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