Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Bush walk in Inner Altona

After a disappointing visit to the city for White Night (nothing illuminated around Fed Sq or FLinders St: 930pm) so would have to join the mob struggling up Swanston st
all along SouthBank animals of the Asian Years 
The only lights on the Art centre. I gather there were more but hours later 
Fed Square
Even getting back on the trains was a struggle. No access to the rear of platforms (over the foot bridge, not sure why wasn't too crowded exiting) so walked around to Fed square (nothing happening but some colours on the Wall) but when I got over the road and fought my way into the station entrance that was all for exiting passengers.
So had to go out and fight my way up to the Tabaret entrance, That then led us down stairs,along a platform then down to the Degrave subway entrances!
I was leaving with about 200 people all with a similar moan of a wasted time.
There was  a more spread out event this year, but you still had to get to the area. Crowds are not my scene, (and it's not may age!) Managed it last year but "well been there seen that"!
The Creek 
So today I took Spencer on a trek from off Blackshaws Road along Kororoit Creek to Barnes Road, then back. The Creek runs into Cherry Lake,down Miller Rd in Altona.
Short bursts of bush walking looking areas  as well as some trees and creek scenes in a mild 20degrees.
Lots of cut rushes loaded on the banks.
Even a picnic table 

The Path

A nice spot for a rest

Friday, February 19, 2016

Growing up

Dylan has started school 
and Max now looking chubby!

The Dressmaker

Love Rosalie Ham's book and the recent film with Kate Winslett was fabulous.
This black comedy revenge movie was fun, funny and the clothes transformations were the most delightful aspect of the movie. The director called it "Unforgiven with a sewing machine"
We went to the Exhibition of the clothes designed by Marion Boyce (who also did the Phryne Fisher series) The film is set in the 50's and in a run down country town (filmed near Horsham). The Football team is the Laharum team plus Liam Hemsworth.
Judy Davis was the curmudgeon of a mother Looking particularly drab! The movie is all about transformation and the  power of clothes.
And the clothes were to die for!!

The star pf the show The first gown
How to snare a husband!
The one she wore to the football game was entitled The football show stopper!
Under the coat she had a form fitting strapless black dress!
Judy Davis (Mother) wardrobe.
Her accessories

Mother of the bride dress


This piece was stunning
Many of the dresses were only worn in one scene!
The catalogue is wonderful as well with lots of detail about the ideas and the dressmaking process as well as finding the ideas for the designs
 The clothes are all authentic design, No plastic or invisible zippers.The hardest thing was finding fabric from the period, seemingly the weaves are no longer the same.
Monica Boyce has an astounding collection of fabric sourced in her career. The black dress for the footy when Tilly had to make a statement on her return to town. The fabric is a silk moire taffeta from Milan!
In the movie her 'enemy' brings in another dressmaker and  Gertrude has a wedding dress done by her that she loathes, so comes crying to Tilly to fix it.
All the clothes make me think I will see the movie again.
And I have bookings to the launch of 200 years of Australian Fashion at NGV in March

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ta Da!!

The end result
 In doing the final sort, it was amazing that there were only 5-6 pieces in any shade of sea that had nothing on them.
The pieces were horizontal or vertical
If you had been around you would hear me muttering 'horizontal piece with line from left to right" "vertical pieces with intersection of lines"
'Horizontal bit with tiny bit at edges " 'No the other way"
Very satisfying to put in the final piece
Can't bear to break it up yet!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Puzzle Strategy

I have recently acquired 2 new jigsaw puzzles and enjoyed the challenge again
The latest one I got for Christmas and looks frightening !
As I started I thought maybe we all have different methods of Attack (not like some Autism people who can do it upside down!!)

I always start by sorting and assembling the edges and with some guidelines  of similar country etc and some knowledge of geography. It went along well.

Struggled with the edges until I put it on a cloth and measured the length and realised its not square and I was thinking it was wider than it is. So pieces I had 5cms apart actually fit together !!
I then started on the sign in the middle as the colour was clear. I was lining up the A with the U underneath, so a grid of sorts. Kept working at one piece until I realised there was another E involved!

This became a good frame for the other edges bits.
Then I started on the south america as it was at the edges and the colours (thankfully) were distinct, again geography skills helped. It might be yellow (different shade)  but Dallas was not in South America All those little lines of rivers were a put off!! 
Then it was North America and Canada's turn.
 A different shade of yellow and then pink. A bit more of a geographic challenge but not too bad.
It comes with a paper copy of the map so this was in constant reference.
I was searching for ages for something with 'or Reef"  and Gt Btn written underneath 
Turned out to be the middle of Cocos or Keeling Isl; Not Ree but Kee
One stubborn little piece was left but did not fit the space left. Then saw a similar piece, pink with grey lakes, and voila! Swapped them over !
Seas here are greeny grey
Then the challenge of Latitude and Longitude.
The map is centred on the North Pole so the equator is not in the middle and Europe runs from Italy down to Sweden so orientation was a bit confusing!
This colour is the Southern seas 
 So then started sorting!
  • pieces with a red line ,Tracking Longitude was not really sequential!
  • pieces with the Tropic dotted lines 
  • then the shades of green for the seas

These look a bit similar but are different and can be differentiated if I compare areas.
Then pieces with any writing on them 
Then I'm left with just pieces with a line through them and plain!

And the rest!

Will attack the last of it when feeling positive!

Christmas Lights

While Brooklyn Victoria is not on the scale of Brooklyn New York a local street is becoming  the for Christmas lights So we planned a walk ...