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Conference Travels

My first overseas conference was with Brigid Jordan when we presented a paper on our Irritable Infant Research Project
We presented at the IACAPAP conference in San Francisco (international Assoc Child and Adol Psychiatrists and Allied Professionals)
It was quite exciting and Brigid was a great introducer to the vagaries of Overseas events.
That main thing we remember of this conference was that the Chair let the preceding speaker go 15minutes overtime and then said we had 10 minutes instead of 30!! Well Brigid was not going to stand for that!
Lesson 1 As a Chair keeping speakers to time is essential.
We also received a bill under our door on Day 2 which I said, they are sending it early. B said No they are expecting us to checkout! But she had all the booking docs with her and sorted them out!
Lesson 2 take a record of your bookings with you!!
I then started attending the WAIMH (Infant Mental Health Conferences) that are held every 2nd year on even years.
My first was to Tampere in Fin…

Australia Day

As it was such a superb day weather wise I decided to join Altona crowd at Logan Reserve and the Esplanade
Logan reserve opposite the pier has some huge Moreton Bay Figs  and Norfolk Pines so is ideal for family activities and music stages.
Along the shore was the end of a Kids Triathlon run by the WSTC (took me a while to realise it stood for Triathlon Club (never knew there was such a thing! ) The Surf Life Saving club was involved as well.
Had a coffee at a cafe mentioned on their (Altona Traders) Facebook page while I watched the activity on the beach.
It was so strong I asked for some extra milk, but it was still this colour. Good thing it was my only one and earlyish in  the day!!
Walked on through the market (usual Tuesday), but not been to it since I started working on a Tuesday, bought 2 new cushion covers.
Came home after  a long walk along the beach and area.

When S.T. Gill painted this homestead on the shores of Port Phillip Bay in the 1870s it was a collection of bluestone…

Stony Creek Walk

Sunday was looking for a walk in a new area for myself and Spencer
So decided to follow some of Stony Creek as I know it from next to the Child Care Centre in Court ST Yarraville

I started at the park area near Frances Street and walked along the creek as far as Somerville Road through Cruikshank Park. Stony Creek flows through the inner western suburbs of  Sunshine, Tottenham, West Footscray and Yarraville. Much of Stony Creek is highly modified and the surrounding catchment is mostly urban and industrialised. Natural reaches exist along some of the parks and reserves. The Stony Creek Backwash is the area under Westgate bridge and marks the end of a journey at the Yarra. The Walk was warm but under lost of trees. Met lots of dog walkers  as some was an off leash Park. I don't trust Spencer off lead unless it is actually enclosed, so he was happy to trot along. Unfortunately he now tends to wander back and forth in front of me, so need to be ever vigilant!!

The walk was under willows…

Travels the '80s

After finishing my studies and started working in Aboriginal Health in Swan Hill, (1977 )at Prince Henry's Paediatric Unit and then at Ethel Nilsen day Nursery(1980-84) I did lots of local trips Walks in different areas; Tasmania 1989 ( we went by Ferry and car fortunately as the Air Traffic Controllers strike started as we arrived So Tasmania was cut off). I traveled interstate with Archery Championships,  and will do separate summary of Australia
But the first of overseas travel was in 1982 when I went to CHINA on a tour.
China was still very small tourist country and we were a novelty, gawked at wherever we went and I can't imagine it smoggy and modern!
The highlights of the trip was The Great Wall, X'ian, and the Li river.
One of the older women on the trip arrived with a really bad chest infection. By the end of the trip we had all been ill. I was really sick on the day we went to the Wall, and my memory is also of wheezing and feeling as if I had been run over by a t…