Saturday, July 31, 2010

Times of Change

I have arrived home after a month of varied travel and big changes in my work and life about to start . So felt it was time for a new look to the Blog Page. Not sure if this one will stay but a fresh start. Not as big as my friend Hilary who is now an Iron Girl Triathlon achiever!!!
I am going to do some blog entries in nine stages over the next week. Leipzig, the WAIMH conference, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Paris, The Canal Boat, Japan, Japanese babies.(they warrant a page of their own!!)
The big changes in my life are that I am returning to work on Monday, but only doing a 5 day fortnight. That is working M.T.W. one week then M.T. the next. I will be job sharing with Meredith Banks, which will be better for her too, than just one day a week. She has been working while I have been away so she has been able to consolidate her place which will be a good start for us both. I will continue with this until June 2012. Hopefully having moved into the new hospital in Dec 2011
I will still work at developing my private practice. Even though I have been away I have 2 appointments for this week already and an education session booked for the following.The session is in the catchment area of my office, so that hopefully that will get work going again. I also have to spend the time contacting health funds to see if they will refund my fee for their clients This unfortunately involves calling each fund.
I also will have time to spend with Bridie and her new baby due on 11th September.
Celia is home for a month from New York and working on some School Assessments and earning income while here.
My Education session work mates Helen (L) and Cindy (R)

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