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I traveled down to Dresden by train and arrived at a modern hotel just opposite the station. It was so new there was construction inside of the adjacent areas, and at first I thought that was the hotel and it wasn't open!! False alarm. The hotel, lovely room and service, gave me a free travel card for the trams, so on the 2nd day I got in the swing of them and found getting around in the heat more easy.The city of Dresden is in some ways, best known for having being flattened by allied bombing at the end of WW2. It has been rebuilt, and with some treasures undamaged including the amazing F├╝rstenzug in the Augustusstrasse, at the back side of the Royals Mews, a 102 m. long mural known as the Procession of Princes, it depicts a parade of rulers of the House of Wettin since 1127. It was originally painted between 1870 and 1876 by Wilhelm Walter. When the stucco started to deteriorate it was replaced between 1906 and 1907 with almost 25,000 ceramic tiles from the porcelain manufactur…


I had bought a Eurail pass 6 days in 2 months to allow myself a day in Berlin.
I went by train (1hr) on the day after I arrived in Leipzig. In a way a big mistake as I was jet lagged, and also had very swollen feet from the flight. I ended up with blisters on the side of my ankle from rubbing on the edge of my sneakers It was also 38 degrees. So an Interesting but not comfortable day!!
As mentioned earlier all I had seen before of Berlin was Checkpoint Charlie in the cold and rain, and in retrospect I did not really know what it was!
Top of the Brandenberg gate
But Berlin is now the capital of Germany again and all the big Galleries etc are moving back there. Because I was only there for the day I didn't the hop on hop off bus trip so I didn't have to walk too far.
"Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten!" (No one has the intention of erecting a wall!).Is probably one of the most laughable denials of events to come.
Two months later at midnight, the police and …

The WAIMH Conference

This biannual conference is a good excuse to travel the globe. Last time Japan, prior to that, Paris Melbourne, Amsterdam, Finland. Next stop South Africa.
I flew to Frankfurt and then got the train to Leipzig about 4hrs. The train left from the Airport so didn't have to go into the city. Arrived at the huge railway station and easily found my hotel at its western exit.
The Conference venue was 20minutes away and the idea of having to get there was daunting. But there were trams at the door (immediately outside the station) leaving every 10minutes and we had FREE travel with our conference ID.
Not a thing to happen here!!!

The Conference venue was enormous but very well designed and we had little problems with rooms or access and especially we had quick meal service. Always a horror at conferences You can spend the whole meal break lining up!
The opening ceremony was naturally music based, and a children's music school led us through the years of learning music. The little ones w…


This was the first time I have been to East Germany, and when backpacking in 1974 we only went to Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. I remember it was cold dark and raining, so not really impressive.This was the World Infant Mental Health Conference and held in Leipzig home of Bach. I must admit I was expecting a dull and depressed look but it is beautiful; there are run down buildings , albeit now being renovated, but the city itself is fabulous।The city is also the home of the Nikolaikirche (Church of St Nicholas) - the starting point of peaceful demonstrations against the communist regime which led to German Unification. The collapse of communism hit Leipzig's economy very heavily, but it is now on the mend.
The church where Bach worked for most of his life hosts a museum to the greatest German composer of all times. We had a concert in the Bach Church as part of the conference events Really lovely.
Leipzig's Old Town Hall was built in 1556 in the Renaissance style and…