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The Very hungry caterpillar

Maybe because he is growing and doing so much new every day, that Eric Carle may have meant Dylan when he wrote his book.
Yesterday Dylan ate

2 weet bix (I didn't realise he has started to have  4!!)lots of milk ('More Milk!)one bananaToast with Vegemite and peanut butter (half and half) More toast! ( a 2nd piece) Then 10am
These were offered at intervals as each alone was not enough.
2 brown rice crackers,one cheese stickone kiwi fruit Then Lunch at 1130 (he had been nagging me for 30mins "Unch Unch!) whole (big) bread roll2 slices cheese 2 slices ham1 tub Yoghurtcheese cube thing Then 3pm one apple4 sakatas2 handfuls of sultanasa rice cake with peanut butter  then 5pm one kiwifruit2 rice crackersTalked him out of an orange because it was 5pm but gave hima cheese cube  Reportedly at dinner he ate huge bowl of ? Spag Bolognese and asked for more! How did I know he wanted all this ?
'Mich! I Sooo hungy!  Snack!" at hourly intervals. Even an hour after breakfast! Maybe i…

Worth the effort

All the work in the garden does seem worth it when (nothing I did) the flowers start appearing!

Costumes a La Ripponlea

While not a fan of Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fishers books,( though love the Corinna Chapman series) I started watching the Phryne Fisher series for local Melbourne flavour and stayed watching it for the CLOTHES! And the Tv character is more likeable than the book I think.

So was delighted when Sue pointed out the there is an exhibition of her costumes by Marion Boyce being shown at Ripponlea. So with a lot of to and fro-ing to get a date Sue, Di, Betty and I went there today.
Rippon Lea house and gardens is a fabulous spot at the end of Hotham St near Nepean Hwy in Ripponlea named after the estate!
Built by Sir Frederick Sargood it is the scene of many a film and series, especially the Porte Cochere. In this series it is Aunt Prudence's house. Phryne's house is in Park Drive (parallel to Gatehouse st just opp the old hospital)  Walked past it many a time!!

The display of over 30 dresses, coats and gowns, hats and jewellery was…

A happy Surprise

Last  week I was doing some more weeding and in the process realised that the happy wanderer on the fence was dead in a lot of places.
So I started pulling it off the fence.
In the process I dislodged a bird's nest that I ignored for a bit, but when I went to collect it, found 2 baby birds in it barely out of the egg!
No way was I feeding them chewed up worms or whatever Mama does (not sure what sort of bird they were) so I left them and moved the nest to the planter on the Pom Pom tree just off the back deck, felt bad for them but hoped Mama would find them
Imagine my surprise when I was cleaning the yard of Spencer's droppings, that I thought I should remove the bodies, and what did I find?!!!
I went and took a photo, then I thought I would photograph the denuded plant and on the way back inside, there is Mama doing her thing!!

A Thrush!


A month ago I gave Dylan a rake when they moved into the new house. This was such a success that i decided to get him some more. So I got a shovel, broom and a wheel barrow for his birthday.
And I gave then to him yesterday.
I had  planned to assemble the wheelbarrow before I took it to his (cancelled) party, but after 45 minutes gave up It is definitely a 2 person job in the first stages.
So I took it over yesterday and gave him the shovel and broom in the morning (swept all the leaves off the deck and shovelled them (not over the rail as I suggested but in behind the BBQ!)
I got the barrow out of the car after we went for a walk (when the haircut pic was taken)  and said we would get Daddy to do it when he got home.
As soon as Sean arrived Dylan showed him the barrow, Sean got his toolbox, then Dylan went off to his bedroom and arrived with his tool box, and helped hammer the bolt in.

 As I was leaving Bridie said " Oh Thanks Mich!"
He was in the bedroom and from his sta…

Dylan is Three

Dylan's 3rd birthday party was cancelled last Sunday as he was sick as a dog!!  Gastro, vomiting diarrhoea, mild dehydration with a Hospital visit,  and lethargy on a grand scale
Today he is better,  not 100% but well enough to be chanting the ABC all day!
In preparation for the party he had his curls cut off!
I am sure Sean took him, as the last episode was too traumatic for Bridie to repeat, with him screaming all the way through !

My birthday

It took about 20minutes before I registered what the day was, but then started a steady stream of texts, emails, calls, Facebook comments and cards to remind me this was the big 65!
I was seeing private patients in Yarraville, so headed off there early and stopped at the Luca Haus in Charles Street for a morning Latte.
Then off to see the fascinating line up of fussy toddlers and babies.
I had arranged with Sue and Carolyn to meet for lunch at Mr Price's Food Store in Queensberry St Nth Melbourne.  I had passed this place frequently but it is only open for lunch but looked a fascinating tiny room with lots of 'eclectic clutter'  (what Maddy said meant classy junk)
Gary Price's restaurant is filled with his own personal art and literary collections. The menu is handwritten each morning and is filled with in-season produce Gary picked up from the Footscray Market earlier that morning. While the dips and salmon we had was delicious it was with tomato sugo and Okra. While …