Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Costumes a La Ripponlea

While not a fan of Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fishers books,( though love the Corinna Chapman series) I started watching the Phryne Fisher series for local Melbourne flavour and stayed watching it for the CLOTHES! And the Tv character is more likeable than the book I think.

So was delighted when Sue pointed out the there is an exhibition of her costumes by Marion Boyce being shown at Ripponlea. So with a lot of to and fro-ing to get a date Sue, Di, Betty and I went there today.
Di Sue and me 
Rippon Lea house and gardens is a fabulous spot at the end of Hotham St near Nepean Hwy in Ripponlea named after the estate!
Built by Sir Frederick Sargood it is the scene of many a film and series, especially the Porte Cochere. In this series it is Aunt Prudence's house. Phryne's house is in Park Drive (parallel to Gatehouse st just opp the old hospital)  Walked past it many a time!!

The display of over 30 dresses, coats and gowns, hats and jewellery was superb especially set in the beautiful house. No photos allowed was a shame but bought a catalogue that was great.

But the beauty of it all was Marion Boyce's designs, dressmaking and collections.
While there is a lot of information about the huge numbers of films she has done, there is not much about her (interview on the Behind the Scenes) but we all agreed we loved the workroom where there was the beginnings of dresses, fabric left from the costumes ribbons buttons beads etc.
 Much of which came from her own collection of fabrics and jewellery she has collected over the years. (she's not that old!!)
They had some coats to dress up in in the foyer and while we are no Essie Davis it was fun!

I enjoyed watching the Youtube behind the scenes videos as well

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