Monday, August 24, 2015

Annemarie Shower Tea

Celia's god daughter Annemarie, was over from Hobart for her and Tara's 31st birthdays (Tara was visiting from Virgin islands) so Tara organised a surprise Shower Tea in Daylesford.
So we drove up  Sunday afternoon on what was glorious sunny still day.
The Boat house on Daylesford LAke 

We caught up with Tara Annemarie, Michelle & Pauline Fran, Robyn, Reva and Judy As well as some of Michael's (Annemarie's husband) family.
Annemarie is due in November and is very well.  Doesn't know the baby's sex (and doesn't want to yet)  
Annemarie (hates having her photo done) 
Fran Reva and celia 
The crowd 
Annemarie came to visit on Monday to see the new place and chat about the birth etc. The baby is due in November but they will be over at Christmas so will see the family then!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Outing with Dylan

While Celia was home we went with Bridie and Dylan to the Science Works Museum in Spotswood. As did thousands of others!!
View of West Gate Bridge
The queue never shortened (actually longer when we left) but once inside it was OK
Lesson 1. Never go anywhere on school holidays
Lesson 2  Never expect to be on a long visit
Lesson 3 Toddlers have attention span of a gnat
But expect a great entertaining time!
hHe raced form one thing to the next and we trailed after him
Driving the crane in the shipping area 
Bridie helping him with the Scope
And after we went to the playground opposite the Yarraville Clare Crt Childrens' Centre where I used to work
Then and  lunch in a good cafe where Dylan showed off his excellent table manner sand restaurant behaviour. (That's a serious positive comment)

Near the Cafe 

Beaumaris Gang

After Maddy's funeral we had a get together of the kids form the area and had a good catch up at Beauy Pub.
Since then we have got together a few times and this year we organised it when Celia was home
Alan Grant chose  restaurant where he knew the owner, and it was on Charman Rd just near Balcombe Rd and Mentone Girls High school where a few went to school but where we passed in the school bus each day.
Celia and I offered to pick up Maggie Fooke en route What a debacle!!
She told us what tram she would be on (lived in St Kilda so knew her way…currently lives in Castlemaine )and we agreed to meet at the St Kilda Town hall. She texted that she was delayed because of road works diverting the tram, but was on the way.
Then she said she was approaching the stop.
But no one got off the tram we saw. then she said she had gone past and would get off at the next one. Well same story.
Then it turns out she was on a different tram and was on Dandenong Rd!!
We then and to work out how to get there and became disoriented in the dark and the " look like parallel roads, but aren't'  " But do eventually find her and got to cafe about 30minutes late
But no problem they were all into the wine and appetisers!
So we and a great night great food and great stories.
Alan and Kerry (his wife) are there As well as his sister Loretta, (Geraldine came last time), Then Sandra and Cheryl (next door) and Maggie (from diagonally over the back)  and Celia and I.
Celia, Kerry,Sandra, Maggie
Loretta, Cheryl, Alan
me Loretta, Cheryl

Monday, August 3, 2015

Yacht Club Presentation 2015

Being our presentation night at the end of our 125th year the theme was Club colours Red and Blue. Once again Di was the design consultant with the ever enthusiastic assembly team.
This year we had balloons +++++
Blowing up dozens of balloons Thank heaven for the machine!!
View to the West 
The table setting
Each table had skinny balloons to create designs
A Yacht!
Volunteer of the Year 
Club Champion Fletcher Warren Myers

Club member of the year Steve Howden
Winner of Junior awards Finn 

Christmas Lights

While Brooklyn Victoria is not on the scale of Brooklyn New York a local street is becoming  the for Christmas lights So we planned a walk ...