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The new place is perfect, but need to make a few changes!!
The garden bed is a tree, roses, pencil pines and stones.
 While it looks fine I want to plant the new plants we were given at the house warming and also  to develop a bit of  a herb and vege  garden.
The garden fork only goes in about 3cm.
Also I want the plants in the ground while I am away for better survival. The bed gets good sun and catches any rain.
So I rang my gardener Luke (didn't think I'd need him here) and he and the lads did the work that would have got me to the chiropractor.

A new Year adventure

I have been  flattered to be invited to join a few of the new Private Paediatric practices starting up at RCH in the new building.(the renovated " front entry" building adjacent to the new place.)
I have decided to work with the Melbourne Paediatric Specialist Group (MPS) (not PMS as Celia suggested when I couldn't think of the acronym)
In this group I hope to have the chance to do some joint clinics regarding Unsettled babies and also some feeding and tube weaning  groups.
On Monday I went for a photo session in the lobby of what is the Larwill Art Hotel. I haven't got the pics yet but they looked GREAT!!!
We start on Feb 2nd. I will not be going to Balwyn but will continue at Yarraville. Have had an official letter approving my inclusion as an RCH service, (not just a private practice)
Access is through the now open doors near McDonalds on ground floor. It is a hotel for RCH families (and others)