Wednesday, December 3, 2014


The new place is perfect, but need to make a few changes!!
The garden bed is a tree, roses, pencil pines and stones.
 While it looks fine I want to plant the new plants we were given at the house warming and also  to develop a bit of  a herb and vege  garden.
The garden fork only goes in about 3cm.
Also I want the plants in the ground while I am away for better survival. The bed gets good sun and catches any rain.
So I rang my gardener Luke (didn't think I'd need him here) and he and the lads did the work that would have got me to the chiropractor.
Moved the pots out of the way (the rose bush is planted in a pot Annemarie!)
It needed shovels not just the rakes
The Pencil pines gone 
The soil dug over OK and has a lot of worms!
I am going to have the stones form a dry garden area
The Hydrangea safely in the ground with some stone mulch
(that's not a weed it's the cyclamen bulb )

A new Year adventure

I have been  flattered to be invited to join a few of the new Private Paediatric practices starting up at RCH in the new building.(the renovated " front entry" building adjacent to the new place.)
I have decided to work with the Melbourne Paediatric Specialist Group (MPS) (not PMS as Celia suggested when I couldn't think of the acronym)
In this group I hope to have the chance to do some joint clinics regarding Unsettled babies and also some feeding and tube weaning  groups.
On Monday I went for a photo session in the lobby of what is the Larwill Art Hotel. I haven't got the pics yet but they looked GREAT!!!
We start on Feb 2nd. I will not be going to Balwyn but will continue at Yarraville. Have had an official letter approving my inclusion as an RCH service, (not just a private practice)
Access is through the now open doors near McDonalds on ground floor. It is a hotel for RCH families (and others)
The garden on Flemington Rd
Approaching the front 
I googled the address as I didn't know where it was! Never knew the Hospital number 
The art area 
a blurred pic of the Art  
The Cafe (discovered by a few staff, and its a retreat!)

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