Sunday, April 5, 2009

TV and plants

The holiday house at Aireys is a bit like a TV graveyard. the first TV we bought 2nd hand, turned out to need speakers that it did not have. We eventually arranged to get a replacement which lasted about 12 months and the tube went while some friends were staying. The latest one has the channels drifting, or disappearing altogether. So today I went to collect the TV from Maddy's to take down to Aireys on Friday.
While I was there I wanted to collect the planter that was at the front door as I realised last time I was home that it was a cast iron kettle used to cook mussels, in days of yore!
I also thought I would see what pots I might save and there in the back was this lovely pot with the Clivea in bloom. This was one of Maddy's favourite so it's lovely to have found it. I wouldn't have known what it was if it wasn't in bloom!

Friday, April 3, 2009


News item last week said that in the plans for the new Children's Hospital they are planning to leave two of the current buildings beside the new structure,(left of this view) as they have only been finished in the last 4 years.
So far we knew this.

In the picture you can see the building in question with the blue trim.
The cream bricks to the right are the edge of the building to be pulled down, which contains the lifts!
No news about what they are going to do!!
They have been looking at plans for the new building 2+ years, but obviously not at the existing ones!

Amazing what a bit of rain will do!

As I write this Melbourne is being deluged with rain, thunder and lightening! A whopper storm. This photo was at 11am!
Summer is over ( yesterday's maximum of 32.8 degrees made it the hottest April day since 2005, and one of the warmest April nights- 23 at 3am.) and we are in for a mild ‘high teens’ week ahead.

The changes with rain are noticeable as I walk to work. The contrast in the park grass can be seen here.

I went to the Garden Show yesterday (pity poor suckers there today!) and as the last time I went, it was really hot! I trudged around for a few hours but had to quit. Saw lots of garden design and features to inspire garden renovation at Aireys. There was a lot about sustainability and one garden made from all recycled products including a wall of wine bottles in a frame! I didn’t believe her when she said they had to drink all the wine to set it up, but maybe a project we can undertake!

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