Friday, February 19, 2016

The Dressmaker

Love Rosalie Ham's book and the recent film with Kate Winslett was fabulous.
This black comedy revenge movie was fun, funny and the clothes transformations were the most delightful aspect of the movie. The director called it "Unforgiven with a sewing machine"
We went to the Exhibition of the clothes designed by Marion Boyce (who also did the Phryne Fisher series) The film is set in the 50's and in a run down country town (filmed near Horsham). The Football team is the Laharum team plus Liam Hemsworth.
Judy Davis was the curmudgeon of a mother Looking particularly drab! The movie is all about transformation and the  power of clothes.
And the clothes were to die for!!

The star pf the show The first gown
How to snare a husband!
The one she wore to the football game was entitled The football show stopper!
Under the coat she had a form fitting strapless black dress!
Judy Davis (Mother) wardrobe.
Her accessories

Mother of the bride dress


This piece was stunning
Many of the dresses were only worn in one scene!
The catalogue is wonderful as well with lots of detail about the ideas and the dressmaking process as well as finding the ideas for the designs
 The clothes are all authentic design, No plastic or invisible zippers.The hardest thing was finding fabric from the period, seemingly the weaves are no longer the same.
Monica Boyce has an astounding collection of fabric sourced in her career. The black dress for the footy when Tilly had to make a statement on her return to town. The fabric is a silk moire taffeta from Milan!
In the movie her 'enemy' brings in another dressmaker and  Gertrude has a wedding dress done by her that she loathes, so comes crying to Tilly to fix it.
All the clothes make me think I will see the movie again.
And I have bookings to the launch of 200 years of Australian Fashion at NGV in March

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Cecilia Meehan said...

I want to see the movie! Hope it somehow makes it here or at least get to see it on DVD. Great photos and great story. :)

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