Thursday, September 14, 2017

Japan Cities: Tokyo

Wendy and I flew to Tokyo arriving at 7pm and heading to our Hotel; once we got the map facing the correct way we were off.
Next day we were heading north but did some exploring in the morning as well as getting our Japan Rail Passes.
these banners are about the people who sponsor the Temple
Shinobazu Pond 
The last of the flowers
Only in Japan! A restaurant

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Brooklyn reserve

Despite the terrible weather (intermittent drizzle and cold breeze ) we had  great turnout at the official opening of the revamped Brooklyn Reserve opposite my place.
The crap weather may have prevented people from wandering off to other events being fathers' day but sun this afternoon and it looks busy again!
The park has been under renovation for about 3 months and opened on time, finished.
fridge magnets made with dates of monthly events as well as the newsletter 
I wandered around handing out these and chatting to people so they knew what was planned
Some of our planning group setting up the free sausage sizzle
An awesome climbing frame
Wood carvings  
The tennis courts have up signs about local fauna 

The slide was very popular

The mayor awarding prize in poetry competition about animals of the park 
Some of the other winners Mainly from local catholic school
The soccer goal 
Some of the crowd
a Moreton bay fig that was planted a few weeks ago.
there is also a set of exercise machines

A water pumps (pumps out water!)
a sand crane I struggled to get to work 

Lots of games painted on the paths

Very popular Animals of OZ
Planting and landscaping is really nice
Free coffee cart we have coming every month
lovely prunus at edge 

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