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New Year's Eve

We are not traditionally New Year's Eve revelers; rather we tend to stay up, and when midnight strikes say Happy New year and thankfully go off to bed.
This year with Wendy and Celia (and planned Sue) I decided we would have some structure to get us through the evening. So I planned a meal and activity where each person had to teach us something.
I drew up a rough timetable so Wendy and Celia knew what was happening, this last minute step was quickly jotted down on a piece of newspaper handy! As I was cooking, my lesson was 'How to make gyoza' so we had that as well as other snacks (made from my Christmas present from Lynne et al 'Tapas dishes") We had this with Champagne out on the decking with 'idle chatter' Then the program called for Celia who had chosen to teach us about Art journaling which is a big activity of hers.  Art journaling combines the written language and the visual language to give a greater breadth of       expression and understanding. I…

A long Aireys Stay

We headed off to Aireys Inlet on Boxing day and had a qiuck run now that a new section of the M8 is open We were cruising along the Freeway when we saw an exit to Colac and next thing we were on a stretch of road we didn't recognise and started looking around to see where were; no build up to the exit, no lights X 3 and no negotiating cars missing the Anglesea turn off. The trip now take 75 mins Max.
Others who came down were not so lucky as Anglesea roundabout was a hazard.
We spent time clearing our cupboards as we had taken down some new crockery and the wine rack from Footscray. That led to another cupboard etc. and a decision to get some plastic containers at the Salvos in Anglesea. We also found the phone line was down and that took some phoning and dealing but all OK after 48hrs.
Celia's friend Annemarie came down with her daughter Teaghan and husband Pete who is a keen surfer. They had come down from Newcastle for Christmas and he had no luck finding anywhere to stay f…

Christmas Eve

This year Celia being home for Christmas we offered to have dinner at our place and decided on Xmas Eve rather than Christmas Day.  So we planned a menu, Celia did the table setting and though we didn’t have a Tree we had gifts piled up by the fire in theliving room.
Andrew Lynne Nick & Kate arrived first, with Bridie and Sean with Dylan arriving a few minutes later. We started off with drinks and nibbles on the back deck with a timely reminder from Celia of the Pita crisps I had made (but left on the kitchen bench) It was warm enough to sit out there comfortably but we adjourned inside to open presents before dinner.
This was a lengthy process but most enjoyable. Dylan got the idea of tearing the paper but not too bothered by what was inside. I gave him a dump truck and Santa bought him a circus tent as he loves to go in and out of small spaces. We used Mum's dinner service and it looked very festive with Celia’s red and gold table setup.

Christmas Day

Christmas day dawned not too early and Celia and I had our traditional Santa’s stockings full of essentials of everyday life from Emery boards to great stationery items and soaps etc.
Celia gave me two beautiful bangles from St Croix in the Virgin Islands, traditional designs one with a gold shackle (screw fitting on a boat) and the other infinity symbol. They fit me beautifully as they open (my hands are too wide for normal bangles.)

She also gave me a ‘Speaker genius” a small battery operated gadget that you plug into the ipod and then the small speaker about size of 20 cent piece works when sitting on any hollow item Tissue box, jar, couch arm etc Magic!!! I gave her a book called ONE a sort of philosophical and journal book She loves it! We had an indulgent breakfast of French Toast and raspberries and a glass of champagne in our new kitchen.
Andrew’s swimming pool is at last finished and we went down for a swim and Spa after tea. The pool is amazing and gets lots of comments from pass…