Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A long Aireys Stay

We headed off to Aireys Inlet on Boxing day and had a qiuck run now that a new section of the M8 is open We were cruising along the Freeway when we saw an exit to Colac and next thing we were on a stretch of road we didn't recognise and started looking around to see where were; no build up to the exit, no lights X 3 and no negotiating cars missing the Anglesea turn off. The trip now take 75 mins Max.
Others who came down were not so lucky as Anglesea roundabout was a hazard.
We spent time clearing our cupboards as we had taken down some new crockery and the wine rack from Footscray. That led to another cupboard etc. and a decision to get some plastic containers at the Salvos in Anglesea. We also found the phone line was down and that took some phoning and dealing but all OK after 48hrs.
Celia's friend Annemarie came down with her daughter Teaghan and husband Pete who is a keen surfer. They had come down from Newcastle for Christmas and he had no luck finding anywhere to stay from Melbourne to Lorne to fit in a few days surfing. He was over the moon when we suggested he could come down when we were there.
So they went off to the beach and Annemarie stayed for a long catch up with Celia. Fran also came down for the day so we had lunch on the back deck where I had installed the outdoor table from the shed. Fran brought her whipper snipper so she and I did the back garden as I had had no responses to my message to the local guy. Decided we will get one for the house for early trims as it gets high.
Wendy came down later in the day, but unfortunately Sue was not able to come as she has hurt her back. Wendy did her sterling job of window cleaning! Inspiring me to do the kitchen ones. The upper level ones are beyond us. Need a 20ft extension pole!
A great place to nap or read
 I also re hung the ropes for the Hammocks  It was hard to find two trees in a good alignment! Considering there are so many trees there!
Celia in her jammies preferred the chair in the shade after a sun burn on 1st day.

The deck is working out well. Becoming a centre of activity
We spent the days reading, walking Spencer on the beach where he is allowed, speed and traditional scrabble, the Age crosswords (been saving them up) and eating and more chat and reading.
A Great week

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