Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

This year Celia being home for Christmas we offered to have dinner at our place and decided on Xmas Eve rather than Christmas Day.
 So we planned a menu, Celia did the table setting and though we didn’t have a Tree we had gifts piled up by the fire in the  living room.
Celia did the table setting while I did the cooking
Andrew Lynne Nick & Kate arrived first, with Bridie and Sean with Dylan arriving a few minutes later.
We started off with drinks and nibbles on the back deck with a timely reminder from Celia of the Pita crisps I had made (but left on the kitchen bench) It was warm enough to sit out there comfortably but we adjourned inside to open presents before dinner.

Sean & Dylan (food all gone!) Bridie & Kate
This was a lengthy process but most enjoyable.
Dylan got the idea of tearing the paper but not too bothered by what was inside. I gave him a dump truck and Santa bought him a circus tent as he loves to go in and out of small spaces.
Celia watching Dylan checking out his Gift.  Nick looking on
We used Mum's dinner service and it looked very festive with Celia’s red and gold table setup.
Kate Lynne & Andrew

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