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The Library

Strange as it may seem, I have never been to the State Library before. Decided to go and have a look at the exhibition on there and take in the building as well.
Inspiration by Design, a new exhibition at the State Library of Victoria that showcases 150 objects from the last 150 years, all celebrating beautiful books. All the objects are from the National Art Library at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the leading museums of art and design.  They range from mediaeval illustrated manuscripts to cool art deco graphics; from a red-painted Indian chief to Moonstrips Empire News, Eduardo Paolozzi's scrapbook of 1950s popular culture fragments; from Picasso cartoons to a spectacular modern leather-bound Bible; from Beatrix Potter to daring David Hockney illustrations. But it is not all about old book but really the development of the book in publishing as well as the work of the Artists .

It was appropriate as there was also an exhibition in the lower gallery about the changin…

Sore Feet 2

I had been planning to attend the Refugee Rally but realise that this was the last day of the Garden Show so decided I could do both!
Arrived at the Garden show at 11 and left there to get to the rally at the Library at 130pm. There were some speeches and music then we walked to Victoria Gardens

Lots of sideline watchers and a few joined the march. Would have hated to be driving in town and forgot or not realised about the March.
 A huge crowd on the Library steps.

 I particularly like this young man's stand!

After it all I slipped into the National gallery for a reviving rest and cup of tea  Admired the new Installation in the Courtyard. Reminiscent of one I saw with Celia on the Highline

Six large sculptural columns by Sydney-based artist Jamie North features plant life growing from concrete pylons in an apparent state of erosion. Each column, ascending from a solid base to a condition of lesser materiality, will be slowly overrun by creeping vines (Pandorea pandorana) that refle…

Sore Feet

Nothing like trekking around a garden show to get worn out!
There was a queue for tickets of course but organised so slipped in quickly.
I decide to see everything would be impossible so I went looking for ideas for the courtyard garden.(Aireys can wait)
Attended a good talk about espaliered trees which would work well to cover the fence we have.
There were also lots of garden art to inspire, and all on a lovely sunny day !

Shifting Gear

Shifting Gear: Design, Innovation and the Australian Caris an exhibition about the search for and development of an Australian car.
Definitely not just for the car enthusiast, some were pieces of beauty!
Shifting Gear is a celebration of Australian automobile design represented by twenty-three cars, dating from late nineteenth century to the present day. It demonstrates the skill and sophistication of an automobile industry that could design and manufacture a mass-produced car from the ground up, a feat not many countries can boast.
There was this beautiful car in the foyer looking like a sleek Jaguar, but all crawling around it kept saying "A Holden!!" as if they do not make things of beauty.
Certainly many cars today all look very alike (try to find your silver car in the car park!) I particularly can't understand the mundane look of the small Mercedes and BMW. They look like any other small hatch. If I drove one I would like it to look like a BMW!
The exhibition traces…

The New Park

I was in at RCH today and remembered that the new Park had opened.
When the new hospital was built and the old one demolished there was a government agreement with the local community that the land would revert to parkland. It is now a walking park and playground area unfenced form the hospital grounds and on a sunny day was full of kids, with parents arriving with picnics.
So I went on a  walk around the Grass Circle The playgrounds and the hill.The hill has been visible since demolition started and I expected it to be hauled away but it is now a grass covered hill with the main Royal Park behind
  The Park takes up the whole site of the old Nurses' home and the car park and I have included some directional views