Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sore Feet

Nothing like trekking around a garden show to get worn out!
There was a queue for tickets of course but organised so slipped in quickly.
I decide to see everything would be impossible so I went looking for ideas for the courtyard garden.(Aireys can wait)
an espaliered camellia. Bridie would like this!
Attended a good talk about espaliered trees which would work well to cover the fence we have.
There were also lots of garden art to inspire, and all on a lovely sunny day !
lots of birds and birdhouses
I want to use the succulents and stone near the water tanks
Succulents in the top of tall pots look good 
using bamboo canes in a fan shape 
these are garden edges. I like the industrial look
A crowd at the hanging Basket competition. Couldn't see John and gwen's
The beautiful exhibition building 
Gaultier!  eat your heart out!
The rose is a dense petaled one. Didn't seem to have a scent.
My lunch spot
Love the bird bath
a quirky grass display
An idea for my succulents!  I have plenty of stones!
A variation on Massed planting. Could try this on the fence

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