Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sore Feet 2

I had been planning to attend the Refugee Rally but realise that this was the last day of the Garden Show so decided I could do both!
Arrived at the Garden show at 11 and left there to get to the rally at the Library at 130pm. There were some speeches and music then we walked to Victoria Gardens

Lots of sideline watchers and a few joined the march. Would have hated to be driving in town and forgot or not realised about the March.
 A huge crowd on the Library steps.
these girls are from Kilbreda (my school)

 I particularly like this young man's stand!
heading out
Got chatting with the Halls Gap banner holders!

Bought a T shirt!
this was the main message 

After it all I slipped into the National gallery for a reviving rest and cup of tea 
Admired the new Installation in the Courtyard. Reminiscent of one I saw with Celia on the Highline

Six large sculptural columns by Sydney-based artist Jamie North features plant life growing from concrete pylons in an apparent state of erosion. Each column, ascending from a solid base to a condition of lesser materiality, will be slowly overrun by creeping vines (Pandorea pandorana) that reflect the artist’s lifelong engagement with the observance and cultivation of plants.

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Celia said...

A huge day Mich, but sounds like you enjoyed it all. Great protest about the refugees.

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