Friday, May 21, 2010

Late flowers

The blooming of the Tree Dahlia always denotes the end of summer and Autumn weather. It looks great this year Must be all that rain!

Also lovely is the succulent that I brought indoors for a little TLC. What rewards for little effort!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Presentation Night 2010

Last night was another great celebratory evening at Port Melbourne Yacht Club.
The working bee on the Friday night was not as late as usual, as this time Steve had done a lot of the preparation of the cut outs with his machines at work. Hence it was more just decorating them and hanging. As you can probably work out the theme was The Weather.
The creative design ideas were of course Di's and Phillipa; my handiwork was the floor weather chart with supervision of Phillipa.
Each able decoration was different; Clouds with rain, lightening, snow,sun or the moon on them The main bar area had a roof of clouds.

I had a share of the Trophies this year as 2nd in the Club Championship, and second in the JB Champs sailing with Bernard and Jason again in ECCLES, Amber (as Ludo put it.. busy increasing the population of the world) managed to arrive with her 2 week old son in time to get her trophy for the JB aggregate.
The volunteers were also recognized for their contribution, a team of never -failing-to appear- boat drivers and course layers.
A welcome event was the size of the Junior fleet, and the chance again to present the trophy for the best junior member. This was given to Tom Green who had been in my first group of Port Tackers brought down regularly by his grandmother. He was also coaching the smaller group this year. Many of these in the picture were there 'messing about in boats!"

The bald man in the lower picture is Sean who was Club Member of the Year. He has only been at the Club a year but had gone and got necessary qualification and then took over and ran the Junior sailing fleet. The all love him!

The wave, last seen at our Art show was in appearance again , the work of Steve and his company.
The kids are busy with Di's game of the evening To keep the non sailors entertained Each table had a jigsaw puzzle of the entry weather map but with too many not right pieces so you had to go and negotiate to finish hence circulating around Went down very well.

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