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Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day 2012 dawned (not that I was awake at dawn) cold and very wet, feeling pity and admiration for the devotees doing the Mothers' Day Classic run in the Park.
I decided to go the the Cheltenham Cemetery, and take some flowers to my mothers. 
It was pouring on the trip and I bought some flowers in a blustery gale that magically ceased as I got out of the car and I walked up to the graves in bright sunshine!
I was sure I knew where they were but had some doubts as I approached a tower of Italian monuments, not remembering them from my last visit, and was thinking it must be here somewhere and as I glanced down I was in front of dad's and Maddy's grave. I knew Mum's was over in the next row both visible together.
 So I left some flowers for them all (cleaning Damian's plaque that was filled with sand).
It was as I was driving home that I realized that though my mothers have gone, I still have mothers all around me who generously share their love and deligh…

Presentation Night 2012

Saturday night was the annual end of year celebration and presentation night dinner.
Di did the decor as usual, but we had a simple theme of pink (red, Club colour)) and blue fish. We arrived at the club at 530 Friday night, to help set up and broke a record by being home by 730!!
We had a smaller turnout than usual but still with the last minute responses going from 20 to 72 in a day!!
When I was in Africa I read an article in a flight magazine about the black clothes we all wear except  for the African women.  Melbourne is renowned for its black garbed citizens, so I have made a point since coming home of never wearing black or gray without a bright colour. So I wore a black skirt and smoky pink sequined top and bright pink scarf; but looking around in the foyer as people gathered I was struggling to see any colour. That didn't mean it was a funereal affair!! It was a great night as usual with some new winners as well as the usual suspects. Sid at over 70 is still winni…

Hair cut

When your beautiful son is mistaken for a girl, (in the swimming pool, his wet curls fall down past his neck) it is time for a hair cut!

Sunways safari

When we all met for the tour in the hotel foyer we discovered we were all Aussies; 9 in total, a family with 2 adolescent boys, Dave, Trish, Antony and Chris, two other sister together Chris & Robyn, Jeanette, and Celia & me.
We met the tour guides Ruan and Federika from Sth Africa, and were told we were not in a bus but a truck, Afrikaner accent making that Trook
We headed off out of Johannesburg towards the Kalahari desert in Botswana. We passed through towns that looked much like many others except for all the African people.
But once we hit the open road we knew we were in Botswana. There cattle, goats, donkeys  and wild hogs roam freely and if an animal is killed the owners are compensated by the government. Many a time we slowed or stopped for a crossing beast!

Fred Williams

I have had bronchitis early this week and now left with an asthma cough so not feeling too energetic. Decided to go and see The Fred Williams exhibition at NGV.
I have always loved his landscapes especially of the Hammersley Ranges in WA.

NGV is holding a Retrospective the first in over 25 years. Fred Williams (1927-1982)  is acknowledged as one of Australia’s greatest painters esp of landscapes . He created a highly original and distinctive way of seeing the Australian land and was passionate about the painting process itself. 

There were many other works of his I had not seen before. Ones I particularly liked were the strip paintings esp of the beach.

Some of the works he did when in England of acrobats were great too. 

Cape Town

Still working backwards, after Celia flew home to NY I went down to Capetown for the Bi Annual Congress of the World Association for Infant Mental Health. Megan(RCH) had booked an apartment for us and it was Fantastic!! In sight of the Venue so only a 2 minute walk.
I arrived on Monday night and the first event was the opening at 3pm next day, so I went off on a Hop on Hop off Bus tour to see some of the sights and get oriented.
I stopped off at the District Six Museum, an area of Cape Town infamous for the Apartheid government's decision to declare it a white area and move the 60,000 people who loved there to outside Cape Town and bulldoze the houses. This in 1968! Like having Brunswick gone!!
Stopped off to see the Green Street markets and browse a very similar lot of stalls. Towering over the town from many angles is Table Mountain, and on the first morning there was a 'tablecloth" of cloud lying on top and over the edges.
Further on I walked through Bo Kaap (North Cap…


I flew in to Johannesberg and met up with Celia at the Hotel. Like all hotels in the city we had a security guard and a gate with fences and barbed wire. We ventured out for dinner as Celia had been intrepid in the morning and already discovered the shops. (due to a massive allergic reaction ? to fumigation on the plane?? and needing eye drops.)
We had been advised to go on a tour of the city and Soweto so we did that the next day.

We saw Nelson Mandela's house, the contrast between rich and poor, views of the city , the trees of which are all planted not naturally occurring.
On a tour of the city we went to a Muti shop (traditional African medicine, looking a it like a Chinese medicine practice but more exciting!)

We then went on to Soweto, whose origins go back to 1903, when Kliptown was established after authorities cleared an inner city slum on the pretext of trying to eradicate an outbreak of bubonic plague.It is the most populous black urban residential area in the country, …