Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sunways safari

When we all met for the tour in the hotel foyer we discovered we were all Aussies; 9 in total, a family with 2 adolescent boys, Dave, Trish, Antony and Chris, two other sister together Chris & Robyn, Jeanette, and Celia & me.
Big windows for visibility and the sloping front also opens down
We met the tour guides Ruan and Federika from Sth Africa, and were told we were not in a bus but a truck, Afrikaner accent making that Trook
Ruan & Federika
We headed off out of Johannesburg towards the Kalahari desert in Botswana. We passed through towns that looked much like many others except for all the African people.
But once we hit the open road we knew we were in Botswana. There cattle, goats, donkeys  and wild hogs roam freely and if an animal is killed the owners are compensated by the government. Many a time we slowed or stopped for a crossing beast!
It was not so common to see anyone with them!

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