Thursday, June 23, 2016


My second time in Prague. But this time I didn't do much touring but was at the Conference while Wendy was doing the trek!
We stayed at an Airbnb in Invalidovna which turned out to be amazingly convenient! A 4 minute walk to the Metro, then 3 stops to the conference, and for Wendy 3 stops to Namesti Republicky from where you could walk anywhere.
We met up at end of day to have dinner, and went to the Conference dinner together at the Zofin Palace
The amazing clock 
we went on a walk to find this the head layers rotated constantly so the head faced a different direction every few minutes  
Located in a busy shopping center in Prague, this twisting and reflective sculpture depicting the head of writer Franz Kafka is the latest kinetic artwork by controversial Czech artist David Cerny. Installed in 2014, the enormous mirrored bust is comprised of 42 independently driven layers of stainless steel and weighs in at some 45 tons. The piece brilliantly reveals Kafka’s tortured personality and unrelenting self doubt that plagued him his entire life.

stunning architecture 

I went on a little expedition over the river by metro and tram to pick up our train tickets for the overnight train to Bucharest. I studied many maps and ended up with the Google 3D one to show me what the drop off place would look like. Once I was there the pictures on the website made sense.

I took a day off the conference to go on a tour to Cesky Krumlov (next post)

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