Monday, June 25, 2018

SCARF Festival National Wool Museum

On my way to Aireys last week I stopped off in Geelong to see their annual Scarf competition.
The imagination and variety as inspiring!!
My favourites were as below.
The varied interpretation of scarf was really interesting
there are several categories and all easily displayed 
this one done on an old Laconia Blanket

This was made of patchwork Japanese fabric
The weavings section was beautiful
This wa from the Fantasy section!!

This piece was lovely Woven and looking like a scarf at front but with a back and sides .

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Street Art in Adelaide

I knew Adelaide and quite a lot of street art and saw the first three just a few minutes walk form the Hotel
It was hard to find a map of the art  and trying to reference a map on line with a list was futile So I just snapped an dropped I could work out what was what!!

This is Daubist Mural Planet saturn by Carol Ruff and Barbery O'Brien 

this by Seb Humphreys 

Artist Vans The Omega

The Howling owl by Jimmy Cochrane
the lower section is y Adam Tarns 

opposite Jake Holmes 
Cam Kerr Artist 

Be Friendly Matt Stuckey 

Fin DAC is an Irish urban street artist, based in London, who makes large murals of masked women with fashionable style, with emphasis on their beauty.

This is on a low wall break by Sone 
Nick Phillips
East End institution Frank Viana (Frank the barber) was honoured for his 59 years of service to Adelaide with a surprise party and the naming of a lane off Vardon Avenue as Frank’s Lane.
East end cellars by Nick Phillips
Ophelia Jimmy C
On the Crown and Anchor Artist not listed 
Rainbow Queen Love Goddess by Mimby Jones Robinson 

WINGS by Tamara Huntington 
Muriel Matters by Claire Loxton 
You learn something new every day !
Muriel Lilah Matters (12 November 1877 – 17 November 1969) was an Australian born suffragist lecturer, journalist, educator, actress and elocutionist Based in Britain from 1905 till her death, Matters is best known for her work on behalf of the Women's Freedom League  during the height of the militant struggle to enfranchise women in the United Kingdom.
Rapunzel Let down your hair ..Leah Grant 
Artist Order 55

down a side lane with work by Mike Mora and others 

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Art Gallery of South Australia

The next day I went back to just see the Gallery collections And they were Great!!
This beautiful decorated case with Aus Birds
Mark HEIDENREICH potter and Stephen BOWERS, decorator

Stunning Chinese embroidery
 There was  lovely exhibit of the effect of China on western art -Chinoiserie, The interpretation and imitation of isn design especially in decorative arts, gardens and & architecture.
 I had just seen the Japonisme exhibit in Melbourne so was interesting to see another country effect on art on other side of the world.
The beautiful Turkish the room with fireplace 
This is actually wallpaper based on 4 tiles!! even with all the small gaps in grouting.
The blue and white design 
The popularity of Chinese design and quality of porcelain such that kitchen ware became known as 'china'. The most popular blue design 'the willow pattern" was created in Europe then copied in China to be shipped back to Europe .
In contrast or the same is a wall of plates from the Japonisme collection in Melbourne 
William Morris designs 
The Tiffany windows 
 Theses were commissioned by Ada Ayers  for St Paul's church in Adelaide  Six cherubim at top of r panel commemorate her 6 children, and on left Angel of light parts the clouds for her husbands tis etc heaven The skill an innovative work of Tiffany are clearly expressed in the panels

I especially love this Madonna and Child by William Bouguereau
Nora Heysen's portrait of Ruth 
This by Lucien Freud.
This rather disturbing horse is called We are all flesh
It's a hide from a knackers not a dead horse.
Then a room called Infinite Odyssey about departures and arrivals in any place.
our used to be local Mentone Beach by Charles Condor

Tom Roberts 
A lovely Tom Roberts Winter Morning after Rain Gardiner's Creek

 This stunning embroidered dress!!! Paul Vasileff Australian designer, Paolo Sebastian Fashion Design Co, a scene embroidered Reverie  Tulle and metal beading 2017.
No mention of those who laboured over it!!!

Embroidery and design of a modern sort!

A Hans Heysen I had not seen before 
This work is by Marjorie Gwynn an Adelaide artist born in 1886 together with other students of Collins, she was involved in producing The High Light, the first art magazine in Australia to have coloured illustrations.
She also painted the portrait of Mrs Daisy Bates and is little know out of SA
The Pink Cap by marjorie Gwynn 

This is bade of nails screws and bolts!!

Several can designs 
This by Sean Cordero and Claire Healy is called We Hunt Mammoth 
 It was exhibited in Shikoku Japan in 2015 and contains 120 bagged components (an entire Honda) in jute and bamboo using traditional Japanese packaging techniques.

I particularly loved this quirky collection  of Lisa ADAMS work from Brisbane 
Ghost Train 
Detail from Sparrow. Love his little Jesses and hood!!
This one is called ICEBREAKER 
then on to even more!!

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