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Individual Aireys

I met with the local Aireys Inlet Development association at a stall at the General Store. They are still working on preventing the establishment of a Supermarket down at the lower shops. This is entirely unnecessary from the local  perspective. We have a good General store and Anglesea is only 12 minutes away As well the site of the Supermarket it is to be as big as the one at Anglesea, and has in its plans about 12 parking spots. Not in keeping with the whole mood of Aireys which is quieter, less developed and lower key The roads are very reminiscent of growing up in Beaumaris, unsealed dirt (or sand ) surface with a view of the sea! The houses are of a variety; from our perfect place blending into the trees! to more basic designs There are a few like this. A shed type entrance and the living area all built on the platform above.
Some look like they were built in the 50’s and been the family holiday house for a few generations. I know there are some ‘illegal’ sheds but didn’t see one on …

Day 38. Platform design

Station designs in Melbourne are not too inspiring. I remember my visit to Moscow and being stunned by the art of the subway station walls. Well Japan hasa similar bent.  Not necessarily art works  but designs that are works of art and attractive in themselves. Some are done on a theme of the actual station area  or  others obviously commissioned as a design in itself.

After tides

The weather this Easter has been fantastic; only one off day and today dawned glorious again. Real Autumn weather with the comfort of a fire in the evening.
Today's walk along the cliffs and beach was initially over pristine wet sand that the tide showed had been huge again. The lighthouse and cliffs were their usual stunning colour and contrast.
Walking along the rocks was enjoyable but slippery at times Spencer had no trouble!

Day 37 Restaurants

While I love the food in Japan the elements of the cafe or Restaurant hold great appeal.

From the loud greetings of "Irrashaimase" as you enter, to the picture menus, the efficient and polite and understanding staff to the food itself, it is all a great experience.

There are many 'chain' restaurants that serve only one type of food. Tonkatsu, ebi tendon, gyoza, etc Service is quick and efficient as all food is prepared the same (freshly) and in set bowls and plates. A speedy way to serve millions of people!
Tonkatsu restaurants are one of my favourite Fried crumbed Pork served with rice, salad, pickle and tea (usually all for $10) Sushi places abound even can find the 'sushi train'
A fabulous Okonomiyaki (omelet sort of thing)
Some places look like they would be very expensive so one enters with some trepidation.
This one in Kyoto that Celia and tried ended up costing us $22 each, but what an atmosphere and a meal!
Little Japanese or English passed between us b…

Anzac day Holiday

Made the most of the new flat screen TV to watch the Anzac Day programs and the Big Game.
Collingwood's win over Essendon by 30 points sounds less than thrilling but the win was only on the last quarter so very exciting! The round score of 100 was with a goal kicked after the siren. Just to rub it in!

I went for a walk when the sun came out and found the hakea tree at then end of the road is in bloom.
It is a fascinating blossom, even the seeds look good!
There have been king tides this Easter and the beach inaccessible at high tide, but the views were great.
 The weather has left a lot of interesting dried trees to admire


Surf's up!

The high Easter tides made it hard to find a beach to go for a walk!
Gerry was staying out at Deans Marsh and rang to say she was taking the dogs for a run on the beach at Lorne and to meet her there. I stopped at one near the Deans Marsh roundabout as the ones closer to Lorne were all covered with water.
The sea was rough with high waves (a record time for the Bells Beach Surf Classic) and mist and spray all filling the air along the Great Ocean Road. I prudently brought my clogs to change out of my lovely red leather boots and rolled up my jeans. A good plan, as we were walking along wet sand with the waves 50 meters out when suddenly we were ankle deep in water. Needless to say Spencer had a lovely time! I then followed Gerry back to the cottage they were staying at out of Deans Marsh.  A lovely drive back through the hills of trees. The cottage (house) was at Blake’s’ Winery and I had met the owners when they were at the Aireys Market that morning! I picked some lemons and limes whi…
I was involved in a very successful breastfeeding study day at Royal Children's Hospital. The Lactation Consultants on Cardiac unit were the instigators and we had to move the venue as the booking numbers increased from and expected 25 to 85.  We used the Ella Latham Lecture Theatre and foyer We had no funding (of course!) but Medela who make the Breast pumps we will have at the new hospital, gave enough for morning and afternoon tea. We used a lot of the Neil cartoons (it's a Baby; St Pips ect) who had given me some and his consent when we did the irritable Infant study We had lots of meeting as we planned it but it all went over well with really good feedback. We ended up with some gifts of sweets, bottled water and a donation for the conference bags so staff felt appreciated. I also gave the Gaia cream sachets that I had in my office. We also donated the last of the Breastfeeding Guidelines books that  I still had; printed in 1991 they are not new but the basic details is sti…

Weather changes

Glorious weather on Friday at my Seminar by the beach, contrasted with a strong northerly on Saturday causing a very fast and 'few boats finishing' sailing.
I walked along to the craft market at the Gallery forecourt and up to the stairs to the back of the building where I have rarely been.
A different view of the skirt of the spire looking down to the white cubes of the  new MTC building and on to the Gallery of Modern art.
As I looked back the clouds building were a lovely contract to the spire itself.

Man Style

I made the most of my NGV (National Gallery Victoria) membership by going to a Members update on a new exhibit Man Style. Charting a course between absolute restraint and ostentatious display ManStyle looks at  the extremes of masculine style and some of the most influential ideas that have influenced menswear over the past three centuries.
A bit of a shock to realize that the 3 piece Suit dates from 17th century, albeit more ostentatious than today's business man. The waistcoat was introduced in 1666 to be a change to the ostentatious dress of the day However it was ripe for exploitation and developed into a thing of beauty! And is still around today.
The exhibition was over two sites. The one at Fed Square was about the Dandy while the one at International was the Peacock!
He was embroidered like a meadow bright
And full of freshest flower red and white. The Squire from the Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, one of my favourite pieces of literature, and compare
"If John Bull …