Monday, April 18, 2011

Ingenuity required to hang the banner (found in my cupboard)

I was involved in a very successful breastfeeding study day at Royal Children's Hospital. The Lactation Consultants on Cardiac unit were the instigators and we had to move the venue as the booking numbers increased from and expected 25 to 85. 
 Question time was a joint affair
We used the Ella Latham Lecture Theatre and foyer We had no funding (of course!) but Medela who make the Breast pumps we will have at the new hospital, gave enough for morning and afternoon tea.
We used a lot of the Neil cartoons (it's a Baby; St Pips ect) who had given me some and his consent when we did the irritable Infant study
We had lots of meeting as we planned it but it all went over well with really good feedback. We ended up with some gifts of sweets, bottled water and a donation for the conference bags so staff felt appreciated. I also gave the Gaia cream sachets that I had in my office. We also donated the last of the Breastfeeding Guidelines books that  I still had; printed in 1991 they are not new but the basic details is still the same.
My photo display resurrected
Also moved the last of the Translations of “What to do when your baby is not feeding as usual” which I have had for years.  All part of the S5 clean up before the move,  I now have a ¾ empty cupboard Meredith will be impressed when she sees it.
I spoke about breastfeeding and Failure to thrive, I didn't feel it was my best presentation, but feedback for it and all sessions was glowing so we were all very satisfied!

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