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melbourne Cup Day

The first Tuesday in November is a holiday in Melbourne for the running of the Melbourne Cup. Usually I am down at Aireys for an extended long weekend , but the house is being used this year so I planned a different day. I am not really interested in the Cup carnival, not being a gambler at all,but the horses are beautiful and there is always a good story of a well deserved win by horse jockey or trainer.
The forecast was for rain and a cool day but after clouds shifted in the morning, it was a cool breeze but clear blue skies, and warm out of the wind. I went into the National Gallery Victoria to see their Australian exhibitions There was a photo exhibition a retrospective, called No standing only Dancing, by Rennie Ellis. The title comes from one of his photos of grafitti. Ellis was renowned for his candid documentary images of contemporary Australian life. He was best known for his photographs of social events, such as music festivals, fashion parades or nightclubs. During his car…