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John Olsen

While I quite liked John Olsens work I was never really  interested in it But a visit to John Olsen You Beaut Country exhibition has me a fan!
This exhibitions covers his return to Australia in 1960 after three years travelling in Europe, where he began what would be a lifelong interest in representing the landscape and Australian identity. These works are presented alongside his more recent paintings, prints and watercolours, including those inspired by the filling of Lake Eyre. 
The exhibition reveals an artist who at 88 years of age has lost none of his passion for his subject matter, nor his creative vitality and retains a unique ability to capture the spirit of the Australian landscape.
Some fabulous interviews with him.
An alert and active painter in his late 80's
Many of the paintings were inspired by a poem and that was described there as well 
Well worth a visit or two!

Max is One!

I am unable to go to the Party for him tomorrow (his birthday is today)so i went over to see him today and also take Bridie out for her birthday last Wednesday.
He is  such a cutie !

Not walking yet but definitely standing and cruising.

Out to lunch at the Pub with big play area where Max's Party is tomorrow

Then home for Dad and cake

Kylie on Stage

Before our afternoon tea on Sunday I dropped in to see the Kylie on Stage exhibition in Gallery 1.
The clothes designs as well the staging was really interesting and a window to her so creative abilities  As well last he fabupul designers she workerd with. She is such a petite woman that they had to build new dummies to fit her dresses. Child size ones would be good but had no breasts or figure, Looking at the dresses close up one could see how tiny she is 

Way out West