Saturday, October 1, 2016

Way out West

This has been up since we first moved to Footscray
But 'they' have placed a big green power box right in front of it!!
Tony stayed in Footscray in 2011 and bought some stuff for his grand kids
Not sure which one was brave enough to not follow the Eagles! 

Houses everywhere
Seddon shopping centre is awash in red white and blue

 Footscray Mascot

Name: Sid
Lives: The West
Favourite Holiday Destination: Footscray End of Etihad Stadium
Date of Birth: 17 / 07 / 2008
Breed: British Bulldog
Likes: Spending time with Bulldogs supporters, watching the team play at Etihad Stadium, selfies and pats.
Dislikes: Off-season 
Dog grooming shop Never noticed a bulldog was on some dog food!
As I was photographing this a real bulldog walked up!


1 comment:

Cecilia Meehan said...

Love all the details. Have you sent the photo of Tony to Kath now you know it's Hunter? Is the green thing atilll in front of the doggie?

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