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Jazz in Melbourne

The Melbourne Jazz Festival Program was in a coffee shop a few weeks ago so I decided to check out a few performances.
One I chose was with Yvette Johanson as the support act at the Recital Centre so went with that.
The main act was Chris Botti who outside jazz circles, was largely unknown when he played St Kilda's National Theatre last winter, but after that gig, word spread like wildfire and the word was you have to hear him play the trumpet. I admit I was not expecting anything too exciting, I mean how varied can a trumpet be but WOW!! He is great to look at as well.
The whole concert was fantastic. He is America's biggest-selling jazz instrumentalist, and has worked with the best Sting, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell. In 1991, he performed with Paul Simon in New York’s Central Park as part of the The Rhythm of the Saints tour. The performance was commercially released as the Concert in the Park CD. While on tour with Simon, he met saxophonist Michael Brecker, which led to …