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The Umbrella

Yesterday after a morning of painting and gardening, (his, not mine) Dylan and I went for a walk. The weather was typical Melbourne, forecast 29 degrees with a change in afternoon. But as we headed out it looked as if the change was on its way so we decided to take an umbrella. As Dylan was carrying his teddy (a latest necessity) and a helicopter I talked him out of taking his umbrella as well, as I knew I would end up carrying it. (How mean! I can hear you say!) We were heading home when it started to spit. He was happy for me to hold it over him and me, but after a while (fortunately the drops had abated) he wanted to carry it.
So he happily strolled along twirling it on its side then over to the other side, getting a fright when the breeze picked it up, then hidden under it completely.

I was also brought up by the power of children's speech development and the grasp of concepts .
As we got to Mt Dandenong Road, (4 lanes, a plantation and 3 more) I held out my hand and he swap…

The Nest

In the last year Spencer has taken to sleeping on the couch when I am away. Never found any evidence of this until relatively recently.
He loves my slippers. (not interested  in any other shoe) and grabs it as soon as I take it off, (even to scratch my foot) and cosies it into whatever of his beds he is sitting on.
In the morning I have to hunt them out; One in the bedroom one in the kitchen.
I realised he was on the couch when I came home one day, and, being deaf he didn't hear me arrive, but I heard him jump to the floor as I came in.... Sprung!!
But now I can always find the slippers at the end of the day.
Sometimes they are tucked well back on the couch

Creative Challenge

After the demise of Creative memories in Australia (and the US I gather) Close to My heart has found a welcome opening in the market. Rather then cutters and stickers CTMH is mainly stamping .
After the messy efforts to use the stamping when we were at Rawson in July (where I fell on my face...literally) I was a little skeptical about the day Gerry planned to do Christmas cards. But I had seen the ones she did and they looked fabulous, but one can always learn by copying!
SO I went out to Blackburn on Sunday to spend some time in creativity.
I was impressed and pleased with my efforts!!

Our Seminar

The planned Seminar Anne and I were conducting started off with my driving to North Melbourne station to get the train to Flinders Street Station.
As is my wont, now Dynon road is navigable again I turned up Childers St to go through the old Tip Top Bakery site, now a small industry estate, that cuts out a lot of traffic!
I arrived at the open gates with no other car in sight and came across a women lying on the ground with her bike!! I was relieved, as I pulled up, when she rolled over and sat up but crying +++
She was not badly hurt but said a car had hit her, stopped, then drove off. After checking she could move she sat in my car while I rang the police.
 (a few cyclists stopped, I am sure thinking I had hit her! )  She was distraught and shocked, but gradually calmed down and initially said she didn't see the car, if just drove off.
She had really nasty bruises, lumps  and scratches on both shins and was rubbing her lower back so I asked for ambulance as well.
Then the 000 op…