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Our Knitting Group has moved form Spotswood to Williamstown to a cafe.
 It was great the 1st week, but not so sure this week,We may have to keep looking
One of the woman in the group makes dolls (not knitting)

So in checking out the library I found this book ( as well as some others) So decided to try one out 
So i hunted out an old pair of socks

Then I decided that even though it was old it looked a but grubby So I washed it  Then when it was all stitched and stuffed I revised the problems 

The mouth is the writer's special trick They are made by bunching up the heel. But I struggled with the directions and could not get them tight like you see on his book cover

Last Year

A year ago today we moved from Footscray to Brooklyn  The only real change in that time is to the garden