Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tea Cosies in Fish Creek

A while ago I came across the Tea Cosies Festival in Fish Creek (on way to Wilsons Prom)  I had made a tea cosy 2 years ago from Loani Prior book but didn't enter one as I thought they would be all very creative and arty. (as were hers in Tea cosies that changed the world!)
But mine would have done well! calling it Purple Passion!
I had searched for accommodation in the area when someone reminded me that Suelynn (from MTC group) had a house down there so I asked if I could rent it and she was very happy for me to use it.
She said that she had had the land for a while and had to then quickly build before a permit ran out. So she had had a simple 'cabin" brought in.
I was expecting a simple rustic building but the Cabin was beautiful! Set in the middle of  a treed paddock with birds and trees all round!!
A simple oblong box 
Kitchen at one end 
Living area with windows on both sides 
bedroom at other end 
bathroom on right before bedroom 

The house in Waratah Bay was about 15minutes to Fish Creek where the Festival was set.
Fish Creek is a very arty community with galleries and cafes abounding The display of Tea cosies was in the Town hall space with a detailed catalogue 100+ entries from all over the country.
Even a program on ABC radio!
Just a few of the 183 collection 
winner of the Whimsy Section. All felted 
 i must admit I was expecting that they were all knitting or crochet, Didn't think of sewing or felting!
a Succulent feast 
appliqu├ęd entry 
A felted dinosaur, Tea Rex 
this was made of fabric 


A more traditional twist!

Roger rooster  

winner of the IN TEA-NATIONAL section 

I loved this felted number 
This was a men's entry made of Cassette tape and echidna road kill!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Brooklyn Laneway

We have been working on painting the Laneway connecting Cypress Ave and the Federation Trail  for the last 2 months. On Sundays X 3 and an extra working bee with a last minute touch up on Wednesday.

Tony Mead from Industrial Art designs did from our suggestions and organised how we would paint it.

We started with just roller painting blocks of colour from which we cut in with the teal blue to shape the letters  BROOKLYN 3012

Then we cut the letters in with the Teal 
Starting to come together 
Some finer work 
Resting on a hot day!
We had a good set up and 3/5 days the weather was good with only one cancellation 

The on each letter we painted words redolent of Brooklyn's history 
 The migrant Hostel of the 50's the Factories and quarry that provide work and then the houses that these migrants built.
I did this letter and Quarries!

 Today we had the final stage and Launch of the Laneway.
Tony had put the final sealant coating on on Friday, and recounted how he had signs blocking the laneway when suddenly 2 dogs came hurtling along the lane  (obviously their usual route) with the owner a few minutes behind. Unfortunately the dogs when sliding along the path and eventually shot off the other end. The owner said "Its looking good" Tony didn't tell him about the sealant!! They ere supposed to be on leads.
Rugged up and getting coffee to start
The Mayor opened it with only  small crowd of Council and locals I spoke on behalf of the Group 
Millie spoke on the story of her family as migrants to the area 
A quick and good event for Heritage week!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Walk No.5 Distillery Creek Aireys Inlet

After my interesting walk to find Distillery Creek and the vagaries of Google maps I drove to the main area and walked from there
Off Bambra road in Aireys Inlet (to the right at the wetland at the lower shops) I followed some signs and dirt roads to arrive at the Picnic Grounds.
The day was sunny but had rained so was a bit wet underfoot but not muddy.
The picnic area 
There are 4 trails from the area, a circuit as well as even a walk to Moggs Creek !
Some stock yards on  Bambra Road 
A hill route I declined !
Stunning Hakea blossom
A sense of humour 
 The walk has lots of information signage about the trees &  fauna as well as the water course
the walk is well signposted with just little posts and the directional tag 
A lovely view to walk
The Bellbirds by Henry Kendall 
By channels of coolness the echoes are calling, 
and down the dim gorges I hear the creek falling
It lives in the mountain, where moss and the sedges
Touch with their beauty the banks and the ledges. 

I always think of this when I see moss along the paths  or hear the piping of birds ( not necessarily Bellbirds!) So after a while I started to photograph all the mosses etc 

dried seed heads 
Stunning red bark 
And yellow dried grasses 
a few rest spots to check out the birds 

Parrots well camoflaged 
dried creek bed 
walkway over the wet areas 
Maybe a walk for another day !

Christmas Lights

While Brooklyn Victoria is not on the scale of Brooklyn New York a local street is becoming  the for Christmas lights So we planned a walk ...