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Nikki's Honey cookies

At one of Di's Sunday Salons we had a cooking experience last time. Her Greek Neighbour offered to show us how to make honey soaked greek cookies called MELOMAKARONA, but we will call then Nikki's Greek Honey biscuits.
Nikki had limited English but the universal language of cooking and measuring was no barrier Rosemary took notes adjusting it as Nikki added 'a bit more"
The day is always interspersed with wine and snacks as well as discussion of the pottery that they ahd done last time As well planning to go to new Zealand for WOW. Phillipa will hear in July if she is a winner.
The RECIPE (with all the estimation of the good cook!)
Nicky’s Greek Honey Biscuits Preheat oven. Fan forced 175C, or thereabouts. Into a mixing bowl add: 2Tbs lemon zest 2Tbs orange zest (a smaller T than the lemon T) 2Cups extra virgin olive oil. Can substitute other oil. 1Cup orange juice 1t baking powder 2t cinnamon well rounded. Vanilla optional. 1/3 Cup sugar Mix by hand or whisk to combine

House Repairs

Celia and I have decided to downsize So I am in the middle of decluttering and repairing the house. Some of the things needed were a bit mind blowing, but the builder Marko,(son in law of friend Jo) when I showed him the two major problems (The gap between the wooden house and the single brick wall, and the rotted Pergola joint) he said Yes OK ! and added them to the list!
Can't find the pic of the rotted pergola but it now looks solid!
I have a file of before pics as well, will take the afters. I had to do a big clear out when I had the floors and fires and stumps down a few years go but still have so much clutter!!! And I can't just blame Celia as she has been away for 10 years! But I had list of emails and pics sent saying 'Do you want this?' and I even threw out all her snow domes (lots taken from the nature strip!)  Turns out it was not as brave as I thought as she has dozens more in NY!! But nothing I have put out has not been taken, so will have less to get rid…