Monday, June 9, 2014

Nikki's Honey cookies

At one of Di's Sunday Salons we had a cooking experience last time. Her Greek Neighbour offered to show us how to make honey soaked greek cookies called MELOMAKARONA, but we will call then Nikki's Greek Honey biscuits.
Nikki had limited English but the universal language of cooking and measuring was no barrier Rosemary took notes adjusting it as Nikki added 'a bit more"
Nikki and Di in her workroom
The usual suspects that attend. Rosemary busy scribing 
Mixing the dough into little ovals and roughly marked
The baked biscuit 
The Honey mixture soaking
Scattered with chopped walnuts Verdict? DELICIOUS.
 Not as sweet or honey tasting as expected 
The day is always interspersed with wine and snacks as well as discussion of the pottery that they ahd done last time As well planning to go to new Zealand for WOW. Phillipa will hear in July if she is a winner.
The RECIPE (with all the estimation of the good cook!)
Nicky’s Greek Honey Biscuits
Preheat oven. Fan forced 175C, or thereabouts.
Into a mixing bowl add:
2Tbs lemon zest
2Tbs orange zest (a smaller T than the lemon T)
2Cups extra virgin olive oil. Can substitute other oil.
1Cup orange juice
1t baking powder
2t cinnamon well rounded. Vanilla optional.
1/3 Cup sugar
Mix by hand or whisk to combine
More than 1kg less than 2 kg SR flour added slowly and mixed by hand.
Incorporate 2T brandy or ouzo.
Knead until firm. Cross the dough for a blessing.
Break off small portions of dough and roll into fingers.
Place on baking paper on a baking slide.
Flatten with a fork. Remember that you must have an imperfection.
Cook until not much soft.
Honey Syrup (extra can be frozen)
1C water
1C sugar
Warm in a saucepan until sugar dissolves.
Chop walnuts while you wait, or ask Michele nicely.
500gm honey into saucepan
1t cinnamon well rounded, sprinkle over walnuts. Vanilla optional.
Place cooled biscuits a few at a time UPSIDE DOWN into the
honey syrup. 
Then turn over. 2 mins each side.

Place biscuits into a bowl and sprinkle with walnut mix.

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