Friday, April 14, 2017

60 years of RCH Good Friday Appeal

Dan was host of the program interviewing the kids
He died this year at age of 93
At Appeal last year at 92
My old Moorabbin Archery Club was on the show!

Good Friday

Doing the usual stay at home in trackydacks, and read, garden, cook, and watch the Good Friday Appeal. With no TV this is the first year I have realised that Live on top of Plus 7 Yahoo actually means Live broadcast not Life style! (that I had only clicked on about 3 months ago. So seen the AFLW games!
 But I had been looking at the courtyard last week and while it is a big change from 2 years ago
When we moved in 
Last week 
I wasn't happy with the pots all just line dup along the edge. (partly to control where along the garden Spencer would walk and compact.HE has a favourite pee spot next to the begonias pots so I have left that accessible.
But I was after some 'spaces' rather than a row of plants
So I started to move stuff around
Still looks like a lan,e but will see what I can move out without Spencer knocking it down.
He'll just have to learn to weave
Tree dahlia is getting tall by the tank.
 Blooms at end of Autumn 

The succulent bed is thriving
The blue pots are today planted grasses so when bigger will move them 

move date succulent pots to beside door 
Still not sure but looks better I still have to water the plants even if they are at the garden edge so being under cover is no big deal, but they still get sunshine.
I need to be sure I don't trip over stuff and that Spencer doesn't knock things over as he races around

Monday, March 6, 2017

Canberra NGA

Last month I decided to make a quick trip o canberra to see the Treasures of the Versailles Exhibition. I hadn't been to Canberra for quite a few years so I wanted to see the new National Portrait Gallery as well.
So I booked in to a small hotel that on the map was walking distance, and used some FF points to fly up Business Class.
The hotel was 20 minute walk in what was a hot week but going early enough made it easy.
The hotel room was amazing small but with the bed taking up he whole of the picture window at end of the room The bed, when you sat on it felt too soft but it turned out to be incredibly conformable with a sort of 6inches of cushioning before you hot firm. They even advertised you could order a bed $2000.
The traffic in canberra has to be seen to be believed!
11am on a Friday morning 
and arriving at the National Gallery of Australia I entered through the beautiful water feature on the side.

 The Versailles exhibition was great and the audio guide beyond excellent! Really interesting history and side stores as well as music of the time .
Phoot of Hall of Mirrors
Louis XV1 in his cell before execution 
Beautiful wood, porcelain and enamel work 

A Barometer 
Beautiful art works 
A fountain statue from the gardens 
After hours in there I had lunch then did a round of the Main exhibitions
From Muchas,  to Monet, to Magritte

Friday, February 10, 2017

Newton's Law

I just started watching Newton's Law with Claudia Kavan (what a great actress!) and as they drove away from the Magistrates court I was thinking it was filmed in Sydney.
Then I recognised this street  The same one where I ran over the unmarked planter. In fact its that corner 

 Then the car traveled on a weird route. This is crossing Victoria St Seddon and the side street it goes down with the Bulldogs painting is hardly a direct route  But all artistic license.
I posted a pic of this in my blog on the community build up to the Doggies Grand final  

The after a bit of interiors I thought, "That's Altona Beach!" And this is the Community gallery!
While the show series is well worth watching, spot the neighbourhood/ venue will be fun!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Women kicking goals? I'd like to see that.

At Ethnic dinner in December I suggested we might like to support the Womens AFL launch. Not everyone was enthusiastic but Sue and Wendy agreed to come.
I kept track of the planning and noted the change of venue due to expected crowds As we know even that was not enough as they and 1000 people locked out.
Surprisingly it was free and you just had to rock up. Gate spend at 530.
Wendy Sue and I having celebratory 'cordial'
 As you can see we there early and had the pick of seats. Resettled in the shade (it was 26degrees) and about 2/3 way to goal. Unfortunately a lot of the game happened on the other side of the field but we could still see the action

The crowd was fantastic! all joining in the countdown, and cheering everything, gasping, ouching, and of course offering advice. The people next to us were the family of Nat Exon Carlton Midfielder who did well with possessions so they were very happy. There were a lot of young girls there as well as Club fans supporting their AFL Team.
Banners and Cheer squads 

smoke flares
Star of the Game was Darcy Vescio who kicked 4 goals
I watched the Bulldogs and Freo. Game at Whitten Oval on Channel 7, and enjoyed Doggies win! Might catch a few more games and see where the Grand final is I think it will need a big stadium! The finals will just be the top 2 teams No semi finals 

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Off leash dog park

A flyer in the mail box as well as some notices around alerted me to the erection of a temporary off leash dog park in Brooklyn Reserve (opposite the unit) It is at the pointy end of the triangular park.
The launch was to be at 10am and some kids activity as well with the lane access to the Federation Trail being closed for the morning  
The area in front of the park
An official launch with temporary fencing behind 
Spencer roaming, uninterested in the other dogs!
The park was from State funding to Council who put up their hand for community led projects. This was one of them. Locals have been lobbying for a park for a while but had objection from every suggested site.
There are request for lighting on Federation Trail, seating, as well as a local cafe!! 
And with all proper Aussie events, a Coffee cart
and free coffee to first 100 people!
So dogs and neighbours were out and we had labels with our name and street, so was easy to chat to people.
Just as the official welcomed us and 'also the dogs" two big dogs, a shepherd and a mastiff started barking and lunging at each other, (all on leash outside,) well that set the dogs off and there was a veritable chorus for a few minutes!! Everyone was laughing. Spencer just looked at me.

 The laneway decoration was templates of the neighbourhood streets and kids and adults could stencil the designs

Spencer contributed by walking through the orange paint and has  left a paw print for posterity, when a young girl begged me to let her take him for little walk!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A day with Bridie.

Bridie had Friday off, as she had to go to Orientation for Max in childcare. She had to attend for 9 times!!! She is working full time so its a bit impossible.
But we were going to go for a picnic to the Lake, but Friday was our most rainfall in weeks, so we will do that another day.

Dylan was wandering around playing with Lego or whirling this thing
Walking everywhere now
he hammered and reset this endless times