Sunday, September 3, 2017

Brooklyn reserve

Despite the terrible weather (intermittent drizzle and cold breeze ) we had  great turnout at the official opening of the revamped Brooklyn Reserve opposite my place.
The crap weather may have prevented people from wandering off to other events being fathers' day but sun this afternoon and it looks busy again!
The park has been under renovation for about 3 months and opened on time, finished.
fridge magnets made with dates of monthly events as well as the newsletter 
I wandered around handing out these and chatting to people so they knew what was planned
Some of our planning group setting up the free sausage sizzle
An awesome climbing frame
Wood carvings  
The tennis courts have up signs about local fauna 

The slide was very popular

The mayor awarding prize in poetry competition about animals of the park 
Some of the other winners Mainly from local catholic school
The soccer goal 
Some of the crowd
a Moreton bay fig that was planted a few weeks ago.
there is also a set of exercise machines

A water pumps (pumps out water!)
a sand crane I struggled to get to work 

Lots of games painted on the paths

Very popular Animals of OZ
Planting and landscaping is really nice
Free coffee cart we have coming every month
lovely prunus at edge 

Monday, August 28, 2017

The house of Dior

 Last night I went to the Members' preview of 70 years: The House of Dior exhibition. There had been a Gala the night before so it was all still set up in the foyers and the cafe area. A bit more glam than other previews I had been to !!
Beautiful floor uninstallation by Michael Lin
Federation is a newly commissioned floor painting by renowned Taiwanese artist Michael Lin. Hand-painted in collaboration with local Melbourne artists, "this immersive environment invites visitors to pause and reconsider the architecture of Federation Court at NGV International"
Just a small corner of the Exhibition
Let me Whet your appetite
These were the pattern makers along with French interpreter
From a past exhibition I learnt these are the miracle workers. From a sketch or drawing they make up a pattern so that the dress works as well as fits and can be structured to flow as the drawing shows.They were happy to chat about their work.
Opposite the women developed pieces

There were hats and shoes .
On the models of the exhibition so they wouldn't just have bald heads Stephen Jones from Dior created the headpieces if they didn't have their own hat. Went to a talk by him before the exhibition opened.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Kororoit Creek Trail 2

Despite the light drizzle I decided to walk the bit of the trail I had not seen at the opening.
Id been to the library and so just went down the end of the road as my calculations said it must hit the trail and it did!
Parked the car and saw an Environment Australia Volunteer van and on the walk came across 2 groups doing more planting.
There were 2 more statues I had not seen as well as some other installations.
new seats and more planting

stakes all ready for the plants 
I passed this ready to go. Then saw the vans ahead 

Different info post along the trail
This saying how much wildlife has returned to the area 
New planting and vans at end of path
The Creek and this installation Another over the river

Beautiful trees along the path
the fence is to stop you falling down to the creek!
even a small waterfall
The creek A far cry form the filthy drain it looked almost 20 years ago 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Pool

I met Annalise for lunch today and went for lunch in the NGV cafe and then to see the exhibition The Pool.
I couldn't quite imagine what it was to be but we thoroughly enjoyed it 
The Pool is an architecture exhibition that represents the connection between landscape, culture and architecture as observed through the frame of a singular architectural and landscape typology – the swimming pool.
this is just inside the window from the Atrium
It was an entry in the 2016 Australian exhibition at the prestigious Venice Architecture Biennale.
It brought back memories of visits to the Horsham Pool when we were kids as well as following the campaign to re open the North Melbourne Pool.
There was a pool that you could get in! as well as great slide shows with pieces written by various people . 

The exhibition also explores important pools of Australia through a series of ‘lanes’, a playful reference to the eight competition lanes that make up the standard Olympic pool, eight public personas, tell their stories of architecture and culture:
– Giving of Life (Tim Flannery)
– Bodies of Water (Ian Thorpe)
– Childhood Memories (Romance Was Born)
– Other Worlds (Christos Tsiolkas)
– Public Dreaming (Anna Funder)
– Contested Space (Hetti Perkins)
– Theatre of Competition (Shane Gould)
– Deeper Water (Paul Kelly) This reminded me of his great song 
The audio visual room and 'change room seating" and typical pool chairs.
There was  series of films in slight slo-mo of different pools Private, bushland, ocean edge etc 
The stories on the slide presentation screen was really interesting so I bought the catalogue
Well worth a (free) visit