Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Home for the holiday

Celia came home for Pauline's Wedding as her mum Fran is Celia's best friend. As fate would have it it was also Celia's 65th birthday so we had a few celebratory events. 
This was the first time Celia has been home in Summer for years so she was delighted to see how light and bright the new Unit is.
Unfortunately she arrived in an unprecedented HOT November with temps over 34 every day and we made an escape to Aireys Inlet 

Enjoying the courtyard and summer weather 
Holding court in Brooklyn 
We wanted to go to Aireys Inlet to scatter Spencer's ashes which we did on a warm sunny day into the waves on an outgoing tide at Sunny Side beach An appropriate farewell.

As well I had had some gardening done at the house for my benefit but also as a suppose for Celia for her birthday.
I had all the dead trees cut down as well as other that were not doing well This opened the ground up and some trees have taken off!  
I also put up plant climbing frames in the garden off the deck, and paved a grass section for the table umbrella for a dining area.
I also replace the matchstick blinds in the living area.
Celia notice them and exclaimed at them (not noticing through the uncovered door the garden) 
When I raised the blind I said 'some more' You cleaned the windows!!  NO look THROUGH the window
Then she saw it and was suitably impressed 
The weather was so perfect we spent time out in the garden and pulling encroaching vines off the trees. A good Workout !
The new dining area 
View from table up to back for where we discussed plans 
The Callistemon (Bottle brush) that has taken off since
removing some dead trees in its area 

Pauline's Wedding

A wonderful day for my god daughter Pauline's wedding in Guildford near Daylesford.
It was on their block of land that had had to be graded flat for the marquee and the
"church" aisle.
The colour and flower theme was all Australian Natives and it looked beautiful. The rain held off and we had a warm but comfortable day.
Celia was home for the wedding and her 65th birthday so caught up with her friends as well as Fran and her god daughters Tara and Annemarie.
Pauline looking beautiful (Michelle is on her left) 
Pauline and Fran 

The flowers

Friends and put together the Cheese TABLE 

Michael and ? cousin carving the lamb (and keeping flies off) 

All the care we needed!

View of the setting before the chairs 

the groomsmen and bridesmaids getting organised 

Paulines twin Michelle doing the speeches 

The crowd

The wedding party Michael (holding Jarrah) Annemarie (Cailin) Fran, Pauline & Lachlan
Michelle, Tara & fiance Grant  

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Henry V

Another great  performance at Globe Theatre
But on a day of 34 degrees it was a bit warm with all that open sky, A poor man behind ,e passed out, But good response from the staff and she came back for 2nd half.
Brilliant sunshine 
A total male cast including Princess Catherine and a wife. Lots of good comedy interspersed as is Shakespeare's won't

Lots of humour! Hating the French
Great view. But the cast must have been HOT
This is the same cast for As You Like it (Seeing in December) which is about women disguising them selves as men
So it will be men dressed as women and then pretending to be men!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pop Up Globe Theatre

I booked for this before I left for Japan as it was finishing soon after I got back , but it has been extended to February!

Shakespeare like it’s 1614

Pop-up Globe, the world’s first full-scale temporary working replica of one of the greatest theatres in history, the second Globe, has popped up right next door to the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl. It started in New Zealand last year and is here for the Summer .
first view from Linlithgow avenue
food and drinks services  
View back to city
I went to see Much ado about nothing; My favourite Shakespeare Comedy. I wasn't sure where it actually as , but so easy to get to you could see it as soon as you accessed the gardens. The theatre is not huge so while it was busy there were not huge crowds. Despite interpreting there was not, there actually was food available and wine and merchandise. Great views back to city esp from the mound overlooking the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. 
The play and cast were brilliant FUNNY! and really lively production. I love Benedick and Beatrice esp with there wot and silk of each other. The scenes where they were hiding while their friends told them of the others love for them was esp good. 
Benedick hid himself in the arbor! (up on a flower decorated swing!) and Beatrice's antics at hiding on and off stage were a hoot.
Looking at going to Henry V but Ticketmaster Best Seats are all side stage limited view so will try elsewhere if possible.
 First view in the Groundling area (standing room) 

Open roof and seating 
View from my seat. Actors entering amid the crowd

Beatrice and Benedick
Benedick in 'the arbor'
Beatrice creeping up 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Japan: Sendai

We travelled by Shinkansen to northern Tohoku. We wanted to go North to support the tourist industry in the area devastated by the Tsunami in 2011. The earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku was a magnitude 9.0–9.1 and occurred at 14:46 JST on Friday 11 March 2011 felt as far south as Tokyo.
Sendai was founded 400 years ago by Masamune Date has several sites related to him and his time.
Many temples and castles are on vantage points so our stair climibig improved!

Gate to the Zuihoden
I love the density of planting 
Imagine our surprise when we encountered this 
Rider and handler beside the Sake barrel offerings
Looks like beer in the corner!
Elaborate costume 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Japan Cities: Tokyo

Wendy and I flew to Tokyo arriving at 7pm and heading to our Hotel; once we got the map facing the correct way we were off.
Next day we were heading north but did some exploring in the morning as well as getting our Japan Rail Passes.
these banners are about the people who sponsor the Temple
Shinobazu Pond 
The last of the flowers
Only in Japan! A restaurant

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Brooklyn reserve

Despite the terrible weather (intermittent drizzle and cold breeze ) we had  great turnout at the official opening of the revamped Brooklyn Reserve opposite my place.
The crap weather may have prevented people from wandering off to other events being fathers' day but sun this afternoon and it looks busy again!
The park has been under renovation for about 3 months and opened on time, finished.
fridge magnets made with dates of monthly events as well as the newsletter 
I wandered around handing out these and chatting to people so they knew what was planned
Some of our planning group setting up the free sausage sizzle
An awesome climbing frame
Wood carvings  
The tennis courts have up signs about local fauna 

The slide was very popular

The mayor awarding prize in poetry competition about animals of the park 
Some of the other winners Mainly from local catholic school
The soccer goal 
Some of the crowd
a Moreton bay fig that was planted a few weeks ago.
there is also a set of exercise machines

A water pumps (pumps out water!)
a sand crane I struggled to get to work 

Lots of games painted on the paths

Very popular Animals of OZ
Planting and landscaping is really nice
Free coffee cart we have coming every month
lovely prunus at edge