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House for Sale

After 30 years in Footscray we have decided to down size. With Celia still away and after my travels I need to spend a week or more on the garden and it just is too big for me alone.
So we are going to look in this area for a 2 bedroom unit ?townhouse with a small outdoor area for Spencer (at 14 he is still going strong) The first advice I had was to let go of any emotion attached to the house, and get it ready for people to imagine what they could do in the space, Not what my ideas had been. As you know this was emphasised by the demise of the pom Pom tree. The site of many a happy Blossom Viewing! The first step is to declutter A word I have come to dread!

Having the stumps and the floors done a few years ago I had  weeded some stuff out and as part of setting up a work room in the Bungalow (see last summer) a lot had been done .... or so I thought! First the Declutter Celia and I spent many a message flying between us 'What's in this?' Do you want these?"  Are w…