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Nurses Action

It was over 25 years ago that I was involved in the Statewide Victorian Nurses' Strike.
This time there is on-going Action as ANF struggle to negotiate wages and conditions with the Baillieu Government. It is not the wage that is the sticking point (police and Ambulance have been granted a big rise), but the plan (declared a secret Govt document) to abolish nurse -patient ratios including using nursing assistants as a money saver.
Fair Work Australia just orders nurses back to work, with threats of fines or imprisonment but do not direct Baillieu to continue discussions.
So there have been 4-hour rolling stoppages, all across the State. The big concern is the increased work load will drive nurses to leave the profession, and the Ratios is what we have fought for all these years!!
We at RCH do not strike (that would lose public support in a big way) but there is a wave of red in the hospital as nurses wear Union action t-shirts and many flags abound, including one at our desk.
To show o…

Under the boardwalk!

A really hot day 38 degrees and a northerly wind made for a HOT day at the Club. There was a Cat regatta with a less than satisfactory roll up. There was no Club racing so after I sorted the canteen I went for a paddle and short swim, and with a really low tide I walked under the Club decking.
We have been having the piles under the club and decking replaced over the last two years (an expensive item due to the difficulty!) But there is now a varied style all with a level of encrustations depending on how long they have been there.
All beautiful in their own way

Kate's Birthday

Thursday 23rd was Kate's 13th birthday and I went down for tea. As I arrived Andrew was coming out of the house and said he was off for a swim with Kate, and as I had brought my togs (being 29degrees) we spent some time in the pool waiting for Lynne to get back from Nick's Sax lesson.
Lynne's oven is broken so she had cooked veges on the BBQ and we had roast chicken from the shop Kate said it was not her first choice(roast lamb) and we had  bought cake.
At the cutting of the cake Nick sped off and Andrew stayed close to be the recipient of the kiss for the closest boy! Kate played hard to get but gave him a kiss in the end!
Kate had a school project 'Create a gift for your brother or sister" So Kate built this.

Building my Wine glass collection

My life must be fairly uneventful over the last month as I have not had anything to blog since the holidays. I have started sailing with Cliff and Steve regularly on Good Golly Miss Jolly, and am steadily rebuilding my confidence. We had a sail on a  heavy day last week and I survived (we came 4th) and if I keep visualizing that, I know we are in control.
Warning: A boring-to-some account of the races to follow!!
Yesterday was very light wind as we rigged the boat, but predicted to rise by end of the day. By the time we left shore it was about 10kn.and had risen to 15+ as we finished. We were really pleased with our performance in the first race staying up within the first 3 boats but after the 2nd beat to windward Steve called the lay line (best angle to approach the mark) really well and we were first at the last mark. Running down wind with the spinnaker is not our forte, but we stayed in front and won by 3 boat lengths!! Great cheering on our boat and the others as they congratul…