Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kate's Birthday

Thursday 23rd was Kate's 13th birthday and I went down for tea. As I arrived Andrew was coming out of the house and said he was off for a swim with Kate, and as I had brought my togs (being 29degrees) we spent some time in the pool waiting for Lynne to get back from Nick's Sax lesson.
Cake and Candles
Lynne's oven is broken so she had cooked veges on the BBQ and we had roast chicken from the shop Kate said it was not her first choice(roast lamb) and we had  bought cake.
At the cutting of the cake Nick sped off and Andrew stayed close to be the recipient of the kiss for the closest boy! Kate played hard to get but gave him a kiss in the end!
Kate had a school project 'Create a gift for your brother or sister" So Kate built this.
The Iron Maiden Torture chamber!! They are all golf tees.

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