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The Play's the Thing..

When we got home Dylan wanted to paste and make a mask so I helped him with that. (I took direction!)
 Then he said he was going to do a puppet show
After half an hour he called us in to the lounge where he had a it set up.

Special Friend

I was invited to Dylan's Grandparents and Special Friends day at Kalinda Primary School where Dylan has been learning for 33 days.He is really into school and loves learning stuff.
He was very confident showing me everything and when nana and Grandpa (Kannageisser ) arrived he went over it all again
Then he showed us the school Map he had, and led us on a  tour culminating in a Singing performance by all the Preps (now called Foundation ) "I'm in Foundation H Mich!" of 'It's a small World"
Bridie was wondering why he had been singing it at home.


In this age of designed obsolescence (if it breaks buy a new one) I want to pay homage to the great car that I have been using courtesy of Carolynn's mother while mine is being repaired and painted.
I had to buy a East link pass to visit Bridie last week so ended having to put the car description.
It is a 1999 Diahatsu Applause and has done 70,945 klms!!!!!

It is automatic and goes along really well.
But it reminds me of all the new features of cars that we take for granted.

1. No central locking. I need the key in the door (and the boot) to open it. It only opens the driver door so I need to reach in and flip the lock for the back seat.
Locking it took me a while to get in the swing. Push the lock down, hold the handle as I close the door,  (driver door) but the other doors you just push it closed (or it 'bounces' ) if you hold the handle with the button down.
2,Windows Remember when you would wind windows down? and doing the passenger one en route a real challenge! And no …

200 Years of Australian Fashion

I bought a Member's preview ticket to see this last Friday

It was beautiful and the 1960's stuff very deja vu!!

"We received a phone call from someone that had recently been to one of our public programs, telling us that they had a dress that had been worn by their cousin that they thought we would be interested in," said Paolo Di Trocchio, NGV curator of fashion and textiles."They thought they had seen it in a photograph that we have in our collection, and it was true. "That is how an elaborate hand-dyed ostrich feather dress studded with sequins, beads and diamantes found its way to the NGV.              The original owner of the dress was an Australian woman named Annette Klooger, who had quite a successful international career as a singer and television presenter.
And 100's more!!!