Friday, March 11, 2016


In this age of designed obsolescence (if it breaks buy a new one) I want to pay homage to the great car that I have been using courtesy of Carolynn's mother while mine is being repaired and painted.
I had to buy a East link pass to visit Bridie last week so ended having to put the car description.
It is a 1999 Diahatsu Applause and has done 70,945 klms!!!!!

It is automatic and goes along really well.
But it reminds me of all the new features of cars that we take for granted.

1. No central locking. I need the key in the door (and the boot) to open it. It only opens the driver door so I need to reach in and flip the lock for the back seat.
Locking it took me a while to get in the swing. Push the lock down, hold the handle as I close the door,  (driver door) but the other doors you just push it closed (or it 'bounces' ) if you hold the handle with the button down.
2,Windows Remember when you would wind windows down? and doing the passenger one en route a real challenge! And no access to the back windows!

3. Mirrors It was only my last Toyota that had electronic mirrors. So adjusting the passenger side mirror was an adventure. You need a car or traffic lane beside you to know you have it at the right angle. So lean over,  adjust Sit up again (in driver seat); is it right? Lean over again..Maybe up a bit ? No too far! Can't see the car side (essential for parking) There that's it!

4. Car seats No problem but covered in sheepskin covers. Not had since my Mazda 323.

5. Speedo Not really sure what is different but the position of 60klm is at 11o'clock position, where 80 is on my car, so I would have to keep double checking. Yes its only 60!

6 Power steering Boy do we take this for granted! a 3 point turn or backing out of the garage is an upper arm workout! But it is automatic so don't need to keep another limb busy!

7. The Boot The car is actually a hatch (looks like a sedan ) The boot is heavy and needs strength to push it right up. However It took me 2 serious crunches on my head to remember the catch drops a good 10cms down, and not to lean in when standing at the middle of the back.

And the old Sun shades on the back

But it has been a godsend after the 2nd postponement of picking the car up. Dropped it off (a 3 week wait to book it in ) on 17th Feb (accident on 5th jan) and was due on 28th. Then the 11/3 now mid next week (no definite date given!) but this time they did ring me !
Thank you Carolynn!!

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