Special Friend

I was invited to Dylan's Grandparents and Special Friends day at Kalinda Primary School where Dylan has been learning for 33 days.He is really into school and loves learning stuff.
He was very confident showing me everything and when nana and Grandpa (Kannageisser ) arrived he went over it all again
Then he showed us the school Map he had, and led us on a  tour culminating in a Singing performance by all the Preps (now called Foundation ) "I'm in Foundation H Mich!" of 'It's a small World"
Bridie was wondering why he had been singing it at home.
showing his place to nana 

he read his book to us 

Then the Map!

Checking out the direction
The fabulous school grounds 
In the Japanese Library (he's ;earning Japanese) 
Lovely pottery Poppies in the corridor 

In the japanese Garden

We came across Ava and Jay Dylan's cousins 

showing us how fast he can run round the track  
The song performance (he's on the far right facing us )
Didn't manage to get a good photo by the grandparents!