Monday, March 6, 2017

Canberra NGA

Last month I decided to make a quick trip o canberra to see the Treasures of the Versailles Exhibition. I hadn't been to Canberra for quite a few years so I wanted to see the new National Portrait Gallery as well.
So I booked in to a small hotel that on the map was walking distance, and used some FF points to fly up Business Class.
The hotel was 20 minute walk in what was a hot week but going early enough made it easy.
The hotel room was amazing small but with the bed taking up he whole of the picture window at end of the room The bed, when you sat on it felt too soft but it turned out to be incredibly conformable with a sort of 6inches of cushioning before you hot firm. They even advertised you could order a bed $2000.
The traffic in canberra has to be seen to be believed!
11am on a Friday morning 
and arriving at the National Gallery of Australia I entered through the beautiful water feature on the side.

 The Versailles exhibition was great and the audio guide beyond excellent! Really interesting history and side stores as well as music of the time .
Phoot of Hall of Mirrors
Louis XV1 in his cell before execution 
Beautiful wood, porcelain and enamel work 

A Barometer 
Beautiful art works 
A fountain statue from the gardens 
After hours in there I had lunch then did a round of the Main exhibitions
From Muchas,  to Monet, to Magritte

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