Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tasmania education

As part of my work with Helen Stevens and Cindy Davenport (Safe Sleep Space) and our education forums for nurses we went on a tour in Tasmania Last week.
We had engagements in Hobart Launceston and Ulverstone. We flew over with Virgin Airlines (my first time with them and was impressed) arrived in Hobart and got a hire car and found our way downtown to Salamanca Place. Mt Wellington in the background
Our first group (the largest) was to be at the Bellerive Yacht Club-- a great venue. The chance to do this work has been because Cindy had acquired sponsorship from Dermaveen, who were launching a range of baby skin care products. They were very generous in their sponsorship and had a rep at the Hobart meeting to provide not just samples but whole bottles of their product. It also meant the nurses didn't have to pay anything. Though there are always some who want more for nothing!
Helen spoke on their program of sleep and settling that is the opposite of the Controlled Crying technique. She is a very lively and dynamic speaker, and some of the feed back said she would be a hard act to follow! Not sure if they meant I was the opposite, or just I did a good job considering her start!!
I spoke on the Fussy feeder and bottle refusal in the under 6month old baby. The feed back was extremely good (Mostly excellent for all the groups, but one commented it lacked any relevance for her because "we have 93% breastfeeding in Tasmania" On closer checking I found she was a midwife in maternity Unit so not really sure why she was there.
We had an eventful drive to Launceston slowed down by 3 lots of road works on the Midland Highway. Our expected trip pf 2.5 hours was extended to almost 4. In the end we had to go to the venue directly and not the break at the hotel as planned. We arrived in time and rushed round getting set up. The venue organizer had been called away to the deathbed of her aunt so we had her husband helping. That was a small group and a bit of a plod , but the feedback was still good.
We got back to the hotel about 830 and had a lovely dinner then to bed early as Helen & I were driving to Ulverstone by 7am so up at 5am. We drove in the dark most of the way but arrived at the Surf Life Saving Club and had the best group of the trip.
Lovely outlook as we spoke and a great breakfast as well bets caterer of the lot!
While we were working Cindy had a later appointment as she stayed at the hotel, had breakfast then had a shower She likes it hot so had it steaming up the bathroom so opened the bathroom door; and after 5 minutes there was banging on the door and alarm noises... The fire Brigade!! The steam had set off the alarm outside the door. There did not appear to be an exhaust fan in the bathroom (tho I think there must have been but i also didn't note it coming on. So drama settled and she set off. We had a good trip back to Launceston then had a few hours shopping down town Launceston is a lovely looking city with lots of old building s and mountain views!
Had a good flight back despite worry re lots of cloud and wind. Arrived home to Celia meeting me and an early night!!
A very successful start to our collaboration!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Musical women

A concert of my favourite women Blues singers was scheduled for Rochford Winery in Coldstream. The name Madeline Peyroux (below) caught my eye first then saw it was Diana Krall (right) heading it up.
I had not heard of Melody Gardot (dark glasses) but Judy had and loaned me a CD so am hooked on her as well. This was held on Monday, Labour Day holiday of the weekend of the massive storm in Melbourne. The Sunday night was Tom Jones concert I guess once you are very wet there's nothing more to worry about!!
The forecast was for clearing showers but when I headed off to pick up Judy It bucketed down again So we headed off well equipped with plastic bags to put on the chairs, hooded japara's and a nourishing picnic tea. Sue Wendy Judy Pauline and I arrived together and had good seats in the second section. It was not the best stage set up as all the musicians equipment was covered in orange plastic, so they looked small in front of that but the screen was big and clear.
It started on time and I think the breaks were a bit shorter so we could get through in case of more rain Just as we arrived at our seats it poured again, but that was the last, except for a few light sprinkles that the hood up was enough to manage.
Trying to leave at the end of the night with a back log in the car park and a moron called Ken from the CFA managing (or blocking ) one flow of traffic is another story.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And The Rains Came.

I remember this title of a film when we used to watch Academy Theatre on Friday nights, but don't remember what the film was about -Monsoons in India? but maybe not.
we had rain forecast yesterday and it didn't arrive and today dawned mild ans sunny, so I did 2 loads of washing and hung it out in the warm breeze.
Then when I was out the sky darkened and it started to rain. And is it raining!!!!
Seems like the house renovations are not finished, as we now need to get the gutters cleared. There is water pouring from 4 points of blockage. Fortunately not onto anything but the ground.
I had put the CD on but started hearing banging on the roof and thought a sheet was loose but no... Hail! It was so loud and the thunder at the same time made for a huge din!
I had at last oiled the verandah this morning, so the water is repelled off which is good, and I did not wash my car. Better still.
Pictures of the city (Evacuated Southern Cross Station and floating cars makes my little gusher trivial.)
I'm glad it's all I had!!
The thunder is still going 90 minutes later.
I'm sure you recognize this spot that I traveled through an hour ago!

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