Thursday, March 11, 2010

Musical women

A concert of my favourite women Blues singers was scheduled for Rochford Winery in Coldstream. The name Madeline Peyroux (below) caught my eye first then saw it was Diana Krall (right) heading it up.
I had not heard of Melody Gardot (dark glasses) but Judy had and loaned me a CD so am hooked on her as well. This was held on Monday, Labour Day holiday of the weekend of the massive storm in Melbourne. The Sunday night was Tom Jones concert I guess once you are very wet there's nothing more to worry about!!
The forecast was for clearing showers but when I headed off to pick up Judy It bucketed down again So we headed off well equipped with plastic bags to put on the chairs, hooded japara's and a nourishing picnic tea. Sue Wendy Judy Pauline and I arrived together and had good seats in the second section. It was not the best stage set up as all the musicians equipment was covered in orange plastic, so they looked small in front of that but the screen was big and clear.
It started on time and I think the breaks were a bit shorter so we could get through in case of more rain Just as we arrived at our seats it poured again, but that was the last, except for a few light sprinkles that the hood up was enough to manage.
Trying to leave at the end of the night with a back log in the car park and a moron called Ken from the CFA managing (or blocking ) one flow of traffic is another story.

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