Saturday, March 6, 2010

And The Rains Came.

I remember this title of a film when we used to watch Academy Theatre on Friday nights, but don't remember what the film was about -Monsoons in India? but maybe not.
we had rain forecast yesterday and it didn't arrive and today dawned mild ans sunny, so I did 2 loads of washing and hung it out in the warm breeze.
Then when I was out the sky darkened and it started to rain. And is it raining!!!!
Seems like the house renovations are not finished, as we now need to get the gutters cleared. There is water pouring from 4 points of blockage. Fortunately not onto anything but the ground.
I had put the CD on but started hearing banging on the roof and thought a sheet was loose but no... Hail! It was so loud and the thunder at the same time made for a huge din!
I had at last oiled the verandah this morning, so the water is repelled off which is good, and I did not wash my car. Better still.
Pictures of the city (Evacuated Southern Cross Station and floating cars makes my little gusher trivial.)
I'm glad it's all I had!!
The thunder is still going 90 minutes later.
I'm sure you recognize this spot that I traveled through an hour ago!

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