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Settling In

I am settling in to my new space in the new Building. The RCH Revue on Thursday night was a well attended event. Needless to say there was a lot of bashing over the trials an tribulations of the move planning. An ongoing comedy skit of Captain Spotless (the security and cleaning management Company) ensuring no one made a mess of the new place, included a kid coming to the front door with an icecream and the getting wrapped in plastic by orange clad Captain Spotless. A whole roll of glad wrap! Lots of amusement from passers by! But no-one batted an eye lid. It is a kids hospital after all!

However have you seen the cartoon of a child's swing set being designed by a committee, well obviously the RCH design team was not told of the Function or practice of something!
I was in outpatients last week to weigh a baby who was attending clinic, and I went to weight her, Luckily she is a tiny dot!
However so not to be negative here is a view of the decoration in the lifts and a view out West …

Dylan climbing

Seeing Dylan last week it is no surprise to see he is now climbing! Have to move things up higher!
He had a box with a new push toy that Sean had not unpacked but he tipped it over, then decided to try climbing.

And for a finale he showed his head stand!!
He also learned the trick, that when he doesn't want to be picked up he just makes his shoulders all limp, so your hands just slip up his arms!!

The new RCH

It has been a long 5 years in the building of the new Hospital but it has also sped by and hard to believe that we moved in last week!
It was a time of packing up and discarding years of papers books toys etc. A lot was taken home as there was no space or new systems that meant we could not have what we had before. We had a crate each and our computer.
I am now settled at a new work station. (I was going to show a comparison of my office space but after loading photos from my iPhone, my iPhoto library has disappeared!) along side many of the paediatricians with whom I work daily.

 The clinical offices is a huge area, stretching along the whole front of the building I am on the third floor at the end where the red shades (Emergency) change to pale green. The huge open space of 'Main Street" creates a wonderful light filled area, and a great view as I walk from the wards to the offices (the wards are at the west end back so still a fair hike if I don't co-ordinate my travels!…