Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Henry V

Another great  performance at Globe Theatre
But on a day of 34 degrees it was a bit warm with all that open sky, A poor man behind ,e passed out, But good response from the staff and she came back for 2nd half.
Brilliant sunshine 
A total male cast including Princess Catherine and a wife. Lots of good comedy interspersed as is Shakespeare's won't

Lots of humour! Hating the French
Great view. But the cast must have been HOT
This is the same cast for As You Like it (Seeing in December) which is about women disguising them selves as men
So it will be men dressed as women and then pretending to be men!!

Brooklyn Laneway

We have been working on painting the Laneway  connecting Cypress Ave and the Federation Trail  for the last 2 months. On Sundays X 3 and an...