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July 66 Reunion

It's a bit hard to do justice to the great 3 days we had. The weather was great!! Windy on 1st day (that's an understatement) but comfortable.
We started with drinks at Bis and Gerard's apartment in Salamanca square looking over the Square.
Next day some of us met for a stroll around the Salamanca markets.  We actually crossed paths with most of the group through the morning  Then on Saturday Night we had dinner at the Queen Mary Club behind a plain green door with no sign! Shades of Shakin Stevens!
The room looked lovely and we had  delicious meal and drinks
After dessert we did a Skype call to Hilary in New Hampshire, and she spoke to many who had not seen her since graduation.


I had been wanting to try mosaics in the garden after visiting Guell Park in Barcelona. Nothing like starting with a grand plan!!
And I have been saving broken china plates etc for a while, so when this introductory course popped up on Cudo ( even though it was in Oakleigh I decided to take it up.
The class is a regular one run by Debbie from Purple Dog lead light and mosaics ( but she has 3-4 introductory people each week.
It was a challenge to get to Oakleigh on a pouring rain Thursday night, travelling wiht the peak hour traffic : but I arrived in time and joined a very pleasant group of people.
Deb said that in the 3 hours we would only have the time to do a small tile doing all the steps as well as grouting, and I already decided to try a house number.
She provided all the materials and we had notes to take home.

Wide Open Spaces

Had a mention of this park by a couple I met on the Federation Trail
So checked it out on a map and also, Was it really totally fenced? Yes
I can't let Spencer off the lead in an open space as he can't hear me call, and in a crowd can't see me.

So we headed out there this afternoon.
 One dog there when we arrived but 6 by the time we left.
Driving time ? 4 minutes

Nick is 19

Age is relative! I can't believe how the years have flown. When I was 19 I was half way through my nursing training and no way did I think I was young. Guess Nick feels the same!
We had a lunch for him (he was going out with friends in the evening, of course.)

Out with the old sadly

It was a sad day during my holiday (last day in Budapest) to find that the faltering actions of my Lumix camera (birthday present from Celia in 2008) succumbed and refused to open (or if open, close) So relied on my iPhone for rest of trip.
On return home when recounting this to Andrew & Kate  he said why bother getting a new one when I had iPhone camera. Kate said "Well some people want to take photos, not just say that'll do and snap "
So I planned to buy one duty free when I go to US in December, with my $5 savings cache (very healthy) but then thought I'd check with Inner West Buy Swap and Sell. There were quite a few cameras, but mainly SLR, then I saw a digital Canon SX 170 IS. An almost new one with all the bits, and in Seddon to pick up. Thought it might have been offered a few weeks ago and already gone, but it had only been up an hour. So I bought it.
And tried it out today while walking Spencer along Altona Beach